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I am a Senior Lecturer in Political Economy in the Department of Economics, School of Social Sciences, City University London.

I teach on the following undergraduate modules:

EC1004 Topics in Applied Macroeconomics - module leader and segment on fiscal policy

EC3012 Financial Economics

EC3009 Economics Project - history of economic thought stream

EC3023 History of Economic Thought


And the following postgraduate module:


ECM232 History of Economic Thought

-         topics in the history of monetary and financial thought


I am the undergraduate admissions tutor for Economics programmes (BSc Economics, BSc Economics with Accounting, and BSc Financial Economics), a member of AGC (http://webapps.city.ac.uk/adu/university_governance/new/agc/agc.html ), and a member of the School of Arts and Social Sciences PARC (http://www.city.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/104023/programme-approval-and-review-committee-tor.pdf)


My research interests are in the history and philosophy of economics. I have published on Adam Smith, Keynes, Hayek, Malthus, the notion of equilibrium in neoclassical economics, methodological individualism, the socialist calculation debate, and the methodology of the Austrian school of economics. Click here for more information.

Send me an e-mail at: a.m.p.denis@city.ac.uk.

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Revised: 25 August 2014.