Cagatay Turkay

Cagatay Turkay

Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science

Room: A401B
Department of Computer Science
City, University of London
tel: +44 20 7040 8415
fax: +44 20 7040 8845
Twitter: @cagatay_turkay


I am a Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science at the giCentre. My research focuses on the tight integration of interactive visualizations, data analysis techniques and supporting exploratory knowledge and capabilities of experts. I have a background in computer science, visualization and computer graphics. I obtained a PhD in visualization (University of Bergen), MSc. (Sabanci Uni., Istanbul), and BSc. (METU, Ankara) in Computer Science. During my PhD, I had the privilage to work with Helwig Hauser from University of Bergen. During 2013, I served as a visiting research fellow at Harvard University. Since December 2013, I am based at City University London. You can download my CV here.


New H2020 Grant, August 2016
We have secured a EC H2020 grant (~€3.5m) for a project titled DiSIEM: "Diversity Enhancement for Security Information and Event Management Systems". I am one of the co-investigators of the project and will research on how visualisation can help cyber security experts in their decision making processes.

New project with Redsift, January 2016
I am starting a new exciting project with the London-based technology company Redsift. The project is titled "Unravelling email data through interactive visual data analysis " and will investigate ways the role of interactive visual analysis within e-Discovery practices.

Dagstuhl Seminar, March 2015
I attended a Dagstuhl seminar on "Bridging Information Visualization with Machine Learning" early this March. A very interesting week and hopefully some material soon to follow up on this event.

I try to collect old news items on this page.
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I am interested in designing interactive visual solutions that help analysts to extract knowledge and generate insight from their data to understand the underlying phenomena better. I usually develop methods that aim to seamlessly integrate automated computations in interactive visual data analysis. I have a special interest in high-dimensional, spatio-temporal, heterogenous and "big" data. I've been lucky to work with researchers from medicine, bioinformatics, biomolecular modelling, geography domain and tried to help them with their research questions. Within another line of research we look at how perceptual capabilities of humans could be considered to improve the resulting visualizations. We consider how the perception of shape and motion cues can be considered in visualization design.

I serve as PC member for HCI-KDD expert board, EurasiaGraphics and MIUA conferences. I am an active reviewer for IEEE VIS, EuroVis, IEEE TVCG, IEEE TBCC, CGI and several other journals and conferences. Currently, I am involved in the EU FP7 project VALCRI and FareVis (TSB) project. Back to Top


I am leading the Principles of Data Science module within our MSc. in Data Science. I am also eading the INM343 Databases postgraduate module. In addition, I act as the Teaching Support Coordinator for Department of Computer Science. Back to Top


Some selected publications, refer to Google Scholar page or to my institution page for a full publication list.


Enhancing a Social Science Model-building Workflow with Interactive Visualisation
Turkay, C., Slingsby, A., Lahtinen, K., Butt, S. & Dykes, J.
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Faceted Views of Varying Emphasis (FaVVEs): a framework for visualising multi-perspective small multiples
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[pdf] [video]
Visualizing Multiple Variables Across Scale and Geography
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1st UCL Workshop on the Theory of Big Data, Jan. 2015


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