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Dagstuhl Seminar, March 2015
I attended a Dagstuhl seminar on "Bridging Information Visualization with Machine Learning" early this March. A very interesting week and hopefully some material soon to follow up on this event.

Recent talks at City Unruly and Cambridge BioVis Meetup, March 2015
I've given some talks recently at City Unrulyversity which is a pop-up university concepts where tech enthusiats are frequently visiting. My talk is titled "Data Science: Origins, Methods, Challenges and the Future", find the slides on Slideshare are here. Again recently, I've talked to a group of bionformatics people in Cambridge who are keen to use visualisation in their everyday tasks. The talk is titled "Designing Interactive Visualisations to Solve Analytical Problems in Biology" and the slides are here.
Keynote talk at Eurasiagraphics 2014, December 2014
I am giving a keynote talk at EurasiaGraphics in Ankara, Turkey. The title of the talk is "Interactive Visual Data Analysis in the Times of Big Data". Slides for the talk are here.
New paper at InfoVis 2014!
Our recent paper titled "Attribute Signatures: Dynamic Visual Summaries for Analyzing Multivariate Geographical Data" is accepted for InfoVis 2014. The paper introduces design suggestions, visualisation and interaction techniques to visually analyse multivariate geographical data that often varies with location, extent and scale. Here is a video for the paper.
State of the art report published
Our recent state-of-the-art report on integrating automated tools in interactive visual methods is published in Springer LNCS.
Article in IEEE TVCG
Our article titled "Perceptually Uniform Motion Space" is published in IEEE TVCG and will be presented at the coming IEEE VIS in Paris.
New EU Project started
EU FP7 Project VALCRI, which I am involved as a partner, has been kicked-off this week.
Article in IEEE CG&A
Our article titled "Characterizing cancer subtypes using dual analysis in Caleydo StratomeX" is published at a special issue of IEEE CG&A and I will be giving a talk on this work within the Highlights section in BioVis 2014.
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