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February 17
Stone Worlds


December 1
The Unbearable Whiteness of Being
November 24
The Art of Travel
October 9
A Dance to the Music of Time
September 10
Peaceable Kingdom
August 15
Cooking with Colour
May 24
The Notes You Don't Play
May 3
Lockdown Blues
April 29
Rembrandt's Tree
April 15
Trees, Forests, and Neural Networks
April 4
Michelangelo and Me
March 12
The Big Picture


November 17
A Vindication of the Rights of Mary Wollstonecraft
July 13
Grouse or No Grouse?
May 3
Lockdown Blues
March 12
Elsewhere, or the Taste for Other Places
 (Le Goût d'Ailleurs


December 17
Time present and time past
November 23
Known unknowns
November 8
Eppur si muove
October 29
The Divided Self
October 3
Vessels of Meaning
June 2
The Possibilities of Painting
May 7
Letter from Japan
March 26
Seeds are for Sowing
March 18
Feb 13 
In the Land its Story


Dec 28 Winter Words
Dec 1 Tombstones, Bad Boys and Fond Farewells
Nov 26 Gilets Jaunes, Miró's blacks, and Picasso's Blues and Pinks


Nov 18 Museums without walls: A letter from wintry Paris


Sept 30 Mantegna and Bellini at the National Gallery, London
Sept 27  Kiko Moana. Oceania at the Royal Academy London
Sept 18, The Consolations of Art, or My Hovercraft is Full of Eels.
May 14  Van Gogh and Japan
May 1 Kinstukuroi and Letting the Light in
April 6 Fame and Fridamania
Mar 8  Picasso 1932 - Love, Fame, Tragedy
Feb 27  All Too Human
Feb 10  Blockbusters and Smaller Pleasures
Jan 10  Shopping in my Garage


Dec 18  Lost in Arcadia
Gauguin, the Alchemist, Grand Palais, Paris
Nov 22  Modigliani and Weinstein
Nov 10  Imperishable Sensations. 
Soutine's Portraits: Cooks, Waiters and Bellboys
Nov 2  Impressionists in London: 
French Artists in Exile (1870 - 1904)
October 29  Monochrome
October 14  Anything is All There Is: Basquiat
August 26  Pierre Soulage and Rodez
August 21  Gertrude Stein, Roses and Moses Supposes
June 27  A Clean Sweep
May 26  An Artist of the Floating World
May 12   Out of Nothing, Something
May 2   Bordeaux and Deep, Dark Blue
April 21   Belfast: A Museum of Walls
April 7   Queer British Art
April 2   Women's Images of Trees
March 22   Howard Hodgkin
March 15    Michelangelo and Sebastiano
March 7    Vanessa Bell













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