- Ph.D. Economics (2005). Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
- BSc. Mathematics (1998). Universidad de Zaragoza

Academic Positions:
Associate Professor, Centro Universitario de la Defensa de Zaragoza
- Senior Lecturer in Economics, City University London







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Working Papers:

- Nonlinear Threshold Models for the Dependence of Extremes of Stationary Sequences (with O. Martinez)

-  Threshold Quantile Autoregressive Models. (with A. Galvao and G. Montes-Rojas)

- A Uniform Test for Linearity in Quantile Regression (with A. Galvao, K. Kato and G. Montes-Rojas)

- Panel Data Tests for Poverty Traps (with A. Galvao and G. Montes-Rojas)

- On Volatility Forecasting: What Improves Daily VaR? (with Ana Maria Fuertes)

- Quantile AR-ARCH Time Series Models (with Yuzhi Cai and Gabriel Montes-Rojas)

- A Note On Endogeneity In Threshold Nonlinearity Tests (with A. Dentler and G. Montes-Rojas)

- Conditional Stochastic Dominance Tests in Dynamic Settings (with Jesus Gonzalo)

- A U-statistic Type Test to Disentangle Breaks in Intercept from Slope in Linear Regression Models (with  William Pouliot)

- Detecting the Presence of Insider Trading via Structural Break Tests (with Keith Pilbeam and William Pouliot)

- A Statistical Test of City Growth: Location, Increasing Returns and Random Growth (with Rafael Gonzalez-Val)


Unpublished Manuscripts:

Extreme Value Theory Filtering Techniques for Outlier Detection. Available at http://www.city.ac.uk/economics/discussionpapers/index.html

A New Family of Consistent and Asymptotically Normal Estimators for the Extremal Index.  Available at SSRN:http://ssrn.com/abstract=1552837

Work in Progress:

- "A new Uncovered Interest Parity Condition based on Foreign Exchange Market Expectations" (with Yuzhi Cai)

- "Dynamic Stochastic Dominance Tests For Hedge Fund Performance Persistence and Market Neutrality" (with Marcos Sanso-Navarro)