Models for the LTCC

Oliver Kerr

Department of Mathematical, City University

This page contains material and information for the Models course for 1st year PhD students being delivered at De Morgan House for the LTCC (London Taught Course Centre).

The following are PDF files used in the talks. As such they are not intended to be read cold, but as to back up my lecture. Some of thes contain animations and need to be viewed using Acrobat Reader in Windows to get the animations working (I haven't got them to work in Linux).

Please note that these files are very big as they contain embedded videos, and so range up to several 100MB in size!

All presentations have been updated for 2015-16.

The following is the paper given by J.C.R. Hunt for the ICTMA conference at City University in 2005. It is taken from "Mathematical Modelling (ICTMA 12): Education, Engineering and Economics", edited by C.R. Haines, P Galbraith, W. Blum and S. Khan. It provides a good description of the uses of modelling and the insights obtained, and how they have been used in descision making processes.

Exam Question

This document discusses possible questions for this module.

Oliver Kerr