'The Conscience of the World'. The Influence of Non-Governmental Organisations in the UN System

Published in London by Christopher Hurst and in Washington by The Brookings Institution, for the David Davies Institute, 1996. In the USA, this will remain permanently available from Brookings through their print-on-demand system.
     The focus of the book is on examining how NGOs achieve influence upon UN policy-making. Each of the case studies outlines the nature of the NGOs, the UN bodies and the relationships between the two.


  • Introduction, by Peter Willetts
  1. The Early History: From the Congress of Vienna to the San Francisco Conference, by Bill Seary
  2. Consultative Status for NGOs at the United Nations, by Peter Willetts
  3. The World Bank and NGOs, by Seamus Cleary
  4. UNESCO and NGOs: A Memoir, by Richard Hoggart
  5. NGOs and the Environment, by Sally Morphet
  6. NGOs and the Human Rights of Women at the United Nations, by Jane Connors
  7. Amnesty International at the United Nations, by Helena Cook
  8. NGOs and the Rights of the Child, by Michael Longford
  9. The Save the Children Fund and Nutrition for Refugees, by Angela Penrose and John Seaman
  10. Conclusions, by John Sankey
  • Appendix A, NGOs and the Structure of the United Nations System, by Peter Willetts
  • Appendix B, Documents on the Formal Arrangements for Consultative Status
    [This appendix mainly consisted of ECOSOC Resolution 1296 (XLIV) of 23 May 1968, which has now been superseded by Resolution 31/96 of 25 July 1996. For this latest version of the NGO statute   -   click here.]
  • Appendix C, Statement by the Secretary-General at the UN Department of Public Information 47th Conference on Non-Governmental Organisations

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