Supporting materials for Part I Probability & Statistics 2004/05


Revision checklist

You might be interested in this checklist which I use when setting exams.

New web page

There is now a web page to accompany the new fifth edition of "A Basic Course in Statistics": see

Use of Excel

Here is a worksheet which explains how Excel can be used to perform tasks in Probability & Statistics. If you want to do the exercise at the end (worth 10 marks, replacing your worst quiz), the data are here, now updated for this year.

Solutions to exercises

Here are the solutions to the exercises (pdf file).


The fourth coursework is now ready for downloading: it is due in by Tuesday 5 April. Follow instructions on the coursework generator page.

Course Notes

This year there is to be a handout which includes all the lecture notes previously published on this web page, all the tutorial sheets, and additional material as well. You are welcome to look at the notes available from this page, but it will not be necessary to print them out.

Archive material

Past exam papers

Please note that the exam papers listed here are only accessible if you are accessing this page from within the City University network. Exam papers not listed here may be obtained from the Cass library web page.

Past progress tests

Web Resources

These abbreviations will be used for reference purposes.

HS HyperStat Online, a hypertext statistics book, by David Lane
RVLS The Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics. RVLS demonstrations require Java 1.1
ED Exploring Data, a web resource from Education Queensland.
WS WebStat, by R Webster West at the University of South Carolina
SG Statistics Glossary, by at Lancaster as part of the STEPS and TLTP programmes
PBS SticiGui©: Statistical Tools for Internet and Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface, by Philip B. Stark of UC, Berkeley
CS Java Demos for Probability and Statistics, by Charles Stanton of California State U, San Bernadino

And now some interactive resources, mostly requiring Java:

Basic probability
Venn diagrams (PBS)
Discrete random variables
Discrete random variables (CS)
The Poisson distribution (CS)
Binomial distribution (PBS)
Normal approximation to Binomial (RVLS)
Continuous random variables
Normal density function (PBS)
Normal probability calculator (CS)
t probability calculator (PBS)
Chi-square probability calculator (PBS)
Probability calculator for many distributions (PBS)
Other probability-related
The Central Limit Theorem (CS)
Correlation (CS)
Buffon's needle (CS)
Law of Large Numbers (PBS)
Distribution of poker hands (Urbana-Champaign)
Monty Hall (Urbana-Champaign)
Exploratory data analysis and descriptive statistics
Histogram (PBS)
Histograms: bin widths and starting points (RVLS)
Mean and median (RVLS)
Various data sets and data plotting tools (Urbana-Champaign)
Hypothesis testing
Tests of proportions (CS)
Confidence intervals
Confidence interval for mu, sigma unknown (CS)
Confidence interval for the mean (PBS)
Confidence interval for the mean (RVLS)
Confidence interval for a proportion (RVLS)
Linear regression
Scatterplots (PBS)
Linear Regression (CS)
Regression and correlation (PBS)
Guessing the regression line (RVLS)
Identifying the correlation coefficient (Urbana-Champaign)
Other statistics-related
Distribution of the sample mean (PBS)
Distribution of the sample mean (RVLS)
Goodness of fit (RVLS)
Chi-square goodness of fit (Urbana-Champaign)
2x2 Contingency tables (RVLS)

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