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Institute of International Law

Website: http://www.idi-iil.org/

Category: Law

Year of Foundation: 1873

Location of Foundation: Ghent, Belgium

Location of Headquarters: Grez-Doiceau, Belgium

Brief Description: The Institute of International Law describes itself as 'an exclusively learned society, without any official nature. Its purpose is to promote the progress of international law.' (source: Article 1 of its Statutes at www.idi-iil.org; accessed 9 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

According to the original version of Article 1 of the Institute's statutes: 'The Institute of International Law is an exclusively learned society, without any official nature. Its objectives are: 1. to promote the progress of international law, by endeavouring to become the organ of the legal conscience of the civilised world; 2. to formulate the general principles of the subject, as well as the rules derived from them, and to propagate awareness of them; 3. to assist any serious endeavour for the gradual and progressive codification of international law; 4. to seek official endorsement of the principles recognised as in harmony with the needs of modern societies; 5. to work within the limits of its competence, either to the maintenance of peace, or to the observance of the laws of war; 6. to study the difficulties which may arise in the interpretation or application of the law, and where necessary issuing reasoned legal opinions in doubtful or controversial cases; 7. to contribute through publications, public teaching and all other means towards ensuring that those principles of justice and humanity which should govern the mutual relations of peoples shall prevail.'

Source: 'Annuaire de l'Institut de Droit International. Première Année' (Gand: Bureau de la Revue de Droit International, 1877), pp. 18-19 (translation from www.idi-iil.org (accessed 9 April 2010) where present text of statutes identical to original).

Evolution of Membership (Full Members):

Institute of International Law Membership Chart

Sources: AVI; HIO; YIO; www.idi-iil.org (accessed 12 April 2010).