Dr. Carla Willig
BSc, MPhil,PhD 

School: School of Social Sciences

Department: Psychology

Job Title: Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Building/ Room: Social Sciences D507

Office Hours : Thursdays and Fridays 11.00-12.00 in term time

Phone: 020 7040 8522

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Carla Willig is a Chartered Health Psychologist and acts as Course Director for the MSc Health Psychology at City University. Carla is also a qualified Counselling Psychologist who sees clients at Women & Health in Camden.

Carla’s research interests include qualitative research methodology and its application to health psychology research, most particularly the relationship between discourse and risky practices. She is also interested in phenomenological research methods and the exploration of the meanings and quality of embodied experiences. This is linked to her interest in existential approaches to psychotherapy and counselling. Carla is currently looking at ways in which different theoretical models may be integrated with existential perspectives in order to produce fuller interpretations.

Carla is an associate editor of the Journal of Health Psychology and a member of the editorial board of Psychology and Health. She acts as editorial consultant for the British Journal of Social Psychology.

She is a member of the British Psychological Society and a founder member of the International Society of Critical Health Psychology.


Work in Progress  

Willig, C. and W. Stainton Rogers (eds) (in preparation) Handbook of Qualitative Research in Psychology, London: Sage 

Willig, C. (in preparation) Second Edition of Introducing Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology, Open University Press/McGraw-Hill

Willig, C. (in press) Discourse Analysis, in J.Smith (ed) Qualitative Psychology: A Practical Guide to Research Methods, London: Sage, Second Edition

Willig, C. (in press) A Phenomenological Investigation of the Experience of Taking Part in Extreme Sport, Journal of Health Psychology

Sims-Schouten, W., Riley, S.C.E. and Willig, C. (in press) Critical Realism in Discourse Analysis, Theory & Psychology

Willig, C. (in press) Reflections on the Use of a Phenomenological Method, Qualitative Research in Psychology

Woodall, C. and Willig, C. (accepted for publication subject to minor revision) The Discursive Construction of Dysfunction, Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

Mielewczyk, F. and Willig, C. (in press) Old Clothes and an Older Look: The Case for a Radical Makeover in Health Behaviour Research, Theory & Psychology 

Paulson, S. and Willig, C. (in press) Older Women and Everyday Talk About the Ageing Body, Journal of Health Psychology

Mielewczyk, F. and Willig, C. (under review) Effective Planning for Sustained Behaviour Change, Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

Willig, C. (in preparation) ‘Unlike a Rock, A Tree, a Horse or an Angel…’: Reflections on the Role of Existential Guilt in Psychotherapy, Existential Analysis 

Boserman, C. and Willig, C. (in preparation) Gods or Diseases ?



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Peer-reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

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