bicycle signature

We are the city

we are the city

Tracing the signatures of a single bicycle across London. Exhibit shown at Digital Shoreditch and Museum of London.

TEDx talk

TEDx talk

A talk given at TEDx EastEnd on how visualizing bicycle journeys helps us understand why we cycle in our cities

Bicycle flow animation

experiments in bicycle flow animation

The first five million London cycle hire journeys featured in New Scientist, The Guardian and The Economist.



Live view of the bike availability in London's public cycle hire docking stations - mapped as a grid.

Cycle hire availability

bike availability over last 24 hours

Compare availability of public hire bikes and spaces over the last 24 hours with the situation one week ago.

Electric bicycle trial

eBike trials

As part of a trial for Transport for London, we attached GPS sensors to a fleet of eBikes and visualized their journeys.

Long distance cycling

LEL timeline

What happens when 1000 cyclists ride from London to Edinburgh? And then back again. In just four days.

Visualizing risk

Risk and denominator neglect

How do you visualize risk associated with cycling that reflects the tiny probability of incidents?

One-year time trial

One year time trial

In 1939, Tommy Godwin rode 75,065 miles on his bike. In 2015 three riders try to break this world record...

Paris-Brest-Paris 2015

PBP Position chart

Interactive exploration of riders' progress during the 2015 Paris-Brest-Paris randonnee.

Velo club de vis

Velo club de vis

When we're not working we like to ride our bicycles. But even then we don't leave work behind...