International Conference on Operations Research
and annual meeting of GOR, ÖGOR and SIGOPT
ETH Zurich, 31 August - 3 September 1998

Short Abstract Preview

SpeakerFlorin Popentiu
AffiliationCity University London, DEEIE
TitleOptimal Inspection Strategies in Reliability
Abstract A general method, based on simulation and stochastic approximation, for determining an optimum sequence of moments of time, when a system is inspected or controlled in order to be maintained or renewed, is considered. The basic assumption claims that the cumulative distribution function (cdf) of the life time of the system is an increasing failure rate one. The procedure described is based on the computer generation of stochastic systems with complete connection and uses a stochastic approximation technique. The following time-to-failure distributions are considered: the exponential cdf, the Weibull cdf, the extreme value cdf, the truncated normal cdf and the general Gamma cdf. The special case of an estimated (from input data) cdf is also solved by computational statistics techniques.

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