X3: MA3614

Mathematics for Finance: Mathematical Processes for Finance


NEWS (2006)


Indicative content

This is a module purpose built for, and tuned to the prior experience of, Mathematics students wishing to apply Mathematics to problems in Finance and related areas. In particular, beyond the standard core mathematics, there are NO prerequisites. Topics addressed from this perspective include topics taken from the following list:

Learning outcomes

This module will put the mathematics learned in the earlier phases of the degree programme in a context appropriate for application in Finance and Economics; and introduce further topics in Mathematics core to Financial Mathematics.


Further Reading


About the module authors

Prof M Newby is Professor of Statistical Science in the Department of Mathematics at City University - an internationally known expert on risk analysis;

Prof P P Martin is Professor of Mathematical Physics in the Department of Mathematics at City University, and the author of one of the books listed above;

Andy Bower is Managing Director of Object Arts Co., and designs and uses his own systems to trade stocks on various markets.

others to follow.

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