Viewing Frequency Results 

This task will show you how to visualize Vibration Modes after computing the Frequency Analysis Case and how to generate a Report.


1. Click the Deformation icon I_DeformationP2.gif (249 bytes)

An image of the deformation corresponding to the first vibration mode is displayed, and the Deformed Mesh image object appears in the specification tree under the Frequency Case Solution.1 objects set.

2. Double-click the Deformed Mesh object in the specification tree to edit the image. 

The Image Fem Editor dialog box, containing the list of vibration modes with the corresponding frequency occurrences is displayed. You can visualize any mode by clicking it in this multi-occurrence list. 

3. Click the seventh mode in the multi-occurrence list, for example.


The selected mode is displayed.

4. Once you have finished editing images, click OK in the dialog box.


You can further manage your results by using the Results Management action icons on the bottom of your screen. 
For more details, please refer to Results Visualization
In addition to standard information, the Report for a Frequency Case Solution contains modal participation factors information, which allows you to evaluate the validity of the modal truncation to the first 10 modes. 
You can modify the number of computed modes by double-clicking the Solution and editing the Solution Definition dialog box.


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