Dr Cornelia Lawson

Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester
Research Associate, Bureau of Research on Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge, Collegio Carlo Alberto
Research Associate, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge
International Affiliated Fellow, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Japan

My profile and publications at the University of Manchester

My publications at EconPapers


October 2019 - EU Regions Week

February 2019 - Citizens of Somewhere

Our research sheds light on the contribution that migrant academics make to UK economy

June 2018 - Research Policy Special Issue: Citizens of Nowhere? Migration, Research and Innovation

Submission is now closed

April 2018 - Motherhood penalty in science

Recent research on science funding and research performance got covered in Times Higher Education and appeared on Womenthology. Please also read my entry on the University of Bath Business and Society Blog

Nov 2016 - ISA Survey Results

The first results of the International Science Affiliation (ISA) Survey are now available.
The survey looks at multiple affiliations and open data sharing in Japan, Germany and the UK.

Survey Website: http://www.science-careers.wi.tum.de/results.html

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Feb 2016 - CBR Survey Results

Two co-authored reports outlining the results of a survey of 18,000 UK academics on the nature of knowledge exchange are now available online.

Report Website: http://www.ncub.co.uk/reports/national-survey-of-academics.html


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