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Economics of Science

Journal Papers

  1. Hottenrott, H. and Lawson, C. (forthcoming) "A first look at multiple institutional affiliations: a study of authors in Germany, Japan and the UK, Scientometrics (Open Access)
  2. Hottenrott, H. and Lawson, C. (2017) Fishing for complementaries: Competitive research funding and research productivity", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 51, 1-38
  3. H. Hottenrott, and C. Lawson (forthcoming) "Flying the nest: How the home department shapes researchers’ career paths", Studies in Higher Education (Free Download Here)
  4. A. Fernandez-Zubieta, Geuna, A. and Lawson, C. (2016) "Productivity pay-offs from academic mobility: Should I stay or should I go?", Industrial and Corporate Change, 25 (1), 91-114 (Working Paper Version)
  5. A. Geuna, Toselli, M., Kataishi, R., Guzman, E., Lawson, C., Fernandez-Zubieta, A. and Barros, B. (2015) "SiSOB Data Extraction and Codification: A tool to analyze scientific careers", Research Policy, 44 (9), 1645–1658 (Open Access)
  6. C. Lawson and S. Shibayama (2015) “International research visits and careers: An analysis of bioscience academics in Japan”, Science and Public Policy, 42 (5), 690-710 (Working Paper Version)
  7. A. Banal-Estanol, M. Jofre-Bonet, and C. Lawson (2015) "The Double-Edged Sword of Industry Collaboration: Evidence from Engineering Academics in the UK", Research Policy, 44 (6), 1160-1175 (Working Paper Version)
  8. C. Lawson and V. Sterzi (2014) “The role of early career factors in the formation of serial academic inventors”, Science and Public Policy, 41 (4), 464-479 (Working Paper Version)
  9. H. Hottenrott and C. Lawson (2014) “Research grants, sources of ideas and the effects on academic research”, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 23 (2), 109-133 (Working Paper Version)
  10. C. Lawson (2013) “Academic patenting: The importance of industry support”, Journal of Technology Transfer 38, 509-535 (Access through Nottingham ePrints)
  11. C. Lawson (2013) “Academic inventions outside the university: Investigating patent ownership in the UK”, Industry & Innovation 20, 385–398 (Access through Nottingham ePrints)

Book Chapters

  1. A. Fernandez-Zubieta, A. Geuna. and C. Lawson (2015) What do We Know of the Mobility of Research Scientists and of its Impact on Scientific Production. In: Geuna, A. (ed.), Global Mobility of Research Scientists: The Economics of Who Goes Where and Why, San Diego (CA), Academic Press, 1-33. Working Paper Version
  2. A. Fernandez-Zubieta, A. Geuna. and C. Lawson (2015) Mobility and Productivity of Research scientists. In: Geuna, A. (ed.), Global Mobility of Research Scientists: The Economics of Who Goes Where and Why, San Diego (CA), Academic Press, 105-131.
  3. C. Lawson, Geuna. A., Fernandez-Zubieta, A.,Kataishi, R. and Toselli, M. (2015) International Careers of Researchers in Biomedical Sciences: A Comparison of the US and the UK. In: Geuna, A. (ed.), 2015, Global Mobility of Research Scientists: The Economics of Who Goes Where and Why, San Diego (CA), Academic Press, 67-104. Working Paper Version
  4. C. Lawson and S. Shibayama (2015) Appointment, Promotion and Mobility of Bioscience Researchers in Japan. In: Geuna, A. (ed.), Global Mobility of Research Scientists: The Economics of Who Goes Where and Why, San Diego (CA), Academic Press, 239-269.

Working Papers

  1. Fudickar, R., Hottenrott, H. and Lawson, C. (2016) What’s the price of consulting? Effects of public and private sector consulting on academic research, DICE Discussion Paper 212
  2. Lawson, C. and S. Soos (2014) "A Thematic Mobility Measure for Econometric Analysis" LEI & BRICK Working Paper 02/2014
  3. Hottenrott, H. and Lawson, C. (2013) "Fishing for Complementarities: Competitive Research Funding and Research Productivity" ZEW Discussion Paper 13-113

Work in Progress

  • Gender differences in FP6 project participation: A problem of supply or demand? (with Hanna Hottenrott)
  • Scientists’ productivity and competitive funding: The case of Chemistry and Physics at a top Italian university (with Finardi, U. and Geuna A.)
  • Higher education ranking indicators: A sensitivity analysis (with Soos, S.)
  • Multiple affiliations in scientific research: Evidence from Germany, Japan and the UK (with Hanna Hottenrott)

Economics of Innovation

Book Chapters

  1. C. Lawson (2016) Putting the Region First: Knowledge Transfer at Universities in Greater Manchester. In: AUDRETSCH, D., LEHMANN, E., MEOLI, M. and VISMARA, S., eds., University Evolution, Entrepreneurial Activity and Regional Competitiveness, Springer, 303-325. (Working Paper Version)
  2. I.M. Bodas-Freitas, A. Geuna, C. Lawson and F. Rossi (2014) How industry inventors collaborate with academic researchers: The choice between shared and unilateral governance forms. In: PATRUCCO, P.P., ed., The Economics of Knowledge Generation and Distribution: The Role of Interactions in the System Dynamics of Innovation and Growth, Routledge, 45-71. (Working Paper Version)

Work in Progress

  • Imprints from idea origin on innovation and the organizational selection environment of inventors (with Bodas-Freitas, I.M)

Press Coverage


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