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Greg Slabaugh

Senior Lecturer

Dr Greg Slabaugh
Senior Lecturer
Room: A304D
Department of Computer Science
School of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering
City, University of London
London EC1V 0HB
tel: +44 20 7040 8416

Dr Gregory G. Slabaugh is a Senior Lecturer (US equivalent: Associate Professor) in the Department of Computer Science at City, University of London. He has a broad background in computer vision and medical image analysis. He earned a PhD (highest honours) in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA. Dr Slabaugh has roughly a decade's experience working in industry, holding research positions at Medicsight, Siemens, and Hewlett-Packard. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and served as an Associate Editor of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine.

At City, Dr Slabaugh he leads the Computer Vision Group, consisting of a team of researchers in computer vision, with applications to medical imaging, computer graphics, and human computer interaction. He has co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers (a full listing is available here) and has been granted 36 patents for his work in image analysis and shape modeling. His research has been funded by the European Union, the EPSRC, and the Innovate UK (Technology Strategy Board). He is currently the Project Coordinator for the RPB HealTec Project, funded by the European Union.

Dr Slabaugh is director of the MSc Computer Games Technology course at City University London. He regularly teaches modules in technical computing, including, Computer Graphics Using OpenGL (INM376/IN3005), Computer Vision (INM460/IN3060), and has previously taught modules in Advanced Games Technology (IN3026), and Programming in Java (IN1007). He brings to this teaching his experience in industry, where he developed a number of applications including computer-aided design tools, medical image analysis software, and a graphics engine used in a computer game. He is a Senior Technical Advisor to Avascope and ScanNurse.

His longer-term research focusses on computer vision, including clinically-guided applications of medical image computing. As the Head of Research and Development at Medicsight, he directed a research team in development of computer-aided detection (CAD) of pre-cancerous lesions in the colon and lung, relying on advanced techniques for segmentation, registration, and machine learning. This research was commercialised as software integrated into leading workstations used by radiologists, and he made key contributions to achieve regulatory approvals in numerous territories, including the USA (FDA) and and EU (CE marking). His earlier work at Siemens Corporate Research included novel techniques for ultrasound image enhancement, registration, and segmentation, as well as a 3D shape modeling application for hearing aid design.

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