Welcome to the homepage of the CSPINE project

The cervical spine (the neck region) is a highly flexible part of the spine which is particularly vulnerable to trauma. Dislocation or fracture of the cervical vertebrae has the potential for long-term and life-changing disabilities. Patients suspected of cervical spine injury (CSI) are often assessed using x-ray imaging however up to 20% of cases have a delayed or incorrect diagnosis, which can result in neurological deficit, paralysis, or death. In this project, we propose novel software to aid diagnosis of bony injuries to the cervical spine for inexperienced emergency physicians and radiologists. Our intent is that more accurate diagnosis will improve healthcare outcomes for patients and reduce the financial cost for the NHS in caring for those with preventable paralysis caused by CSI.

The CSPINE project launched in March 2014 and will run into 2015. The team consists of four institutions:

  • City University London
  • The University of Exeter
  • The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Trust
  • Optasia Medical