Current Version: 3.3

Now with improved CalibrateLuminance!

Cinematica is a minimal system for producing calibrated grayscale movies on an Apple Macintosh Computer from within the Mathematica programming environment. It makes use of the Video Toolbox software library. Users are recommended to obtain an ISR Video Attenuator, developed by Denis Pelli and described elsewhere (Pelli, D. G. & Zhang, L. (1991). Accurate control of contrast on microcomputer displays. Vision Research 31(7), 1337-1350).

CinematicaTutorial.nb is a tutorial notebook that illustrates the basic functionality of Cinematica. Use MathReader or Mathematica to read it.

Cinematica 3.3 is for Power Macintoshes running Mathematica 3.0 and higher. To get a binhexed self-extracting archive containing all the necessary files to run Cinematica 3.3, click here.

If you want to use Cinematica on a 68K Macintosh, or if you want to use it with Mathematica 2.2, please send e-mail to JAS, below.

For doing psychophysics experiments from within the Mathematica programming environment, please see Psychophysica.

If you would like to be notified of future Cinematica upgrades, please send e-mail to JAS, below.

Curator: Joshua A. Solomon (

NASA Ames Vision Group