Cagatay Turkay

Cagatay Turkay

Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science

Room: A401B
Department of Computer Science
City, University of London
tel: +44 20 7040 8415
fax: +44 20 7040 8845
Twitter: @cagatay_turkay

News (October 2019): I recently moved to University of Warwick, my new contact details are on my Warwick page.


I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Applied Data Science at the giCentre within the Computer Science Department at City, University of London. I have a PhD degree in Visualisation from University of Bergen, Norway in 2014, served as a visiting research fellow at Harvard University in 2013, and since 2014 I carry out my research and teach at City, University of London. My research falls under the broad area that can be referred to as Visual Data Science and focuses on designing visualisations, interactions and computational methods to enable an effective combination of human and machine capabilities to facilitate data-intensive problem solving. I try to understand how people make decisions together with algorithms, investigate the role of interactive visual computing in this process, and also design & build techniques and systems that build on this foundational understanding. I frequently publish my research on visualisation journals such as IEEE TVCG, CGF, and IEEE CG&A, as well as journals in machine learning and data mining. A copy of my (probably dated) CV is here


EuroVis Young Researcher Award 2019
I've been named the EuroVis Young Researcher of 2019 at the EuroVis 2019 in Porto.

Open Practices Co-Chair at IEEE VIS 2019
I will be acting as the Open Practices Co-chair at IEEE VIS 2019 for IEEE VAST. We will be promoting and facilitating better openness practices at VIS.

EuroVA 2019 in Porto, Portugal
I am co-chairing EuroVA 2019 Workshop co-located with EuroVis 2019 in Porto in June 2019 together with Tatiana von Landesberger, Technische Universität Darmstadt.

BioVis Challenges Workshop at IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin
I am co-organising BioVis Challenges Workshop at IEEE VIS 2018 in Berlin in October 2018 together with Nils Gehlenborg from Harvard University.

New EPSRC Grant, December 2017
My project titled NlViS: Natural Language Interaction for Visual Data Analysis has been funded by EPSRC as part of the EPSRC's First Grant Scheme. The project aims to develop a fundamental understanding of how analysts can use natural language elements to perform visualisation empowered data analysis. Redsift Inc. is a project partner and aiming to productise some of the project outcomes. Further details here.
I try to collect old news items on this page.
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I am interested in designing interactive visual solutions that help analysts in extracting knowledge and generating insights from their data to understand the underlying phenomena better. I develop methods and techniques that aim to seamlessly integrate automated computations within interactive visual data analysis processes. More recently, I am investigating the role of interactive visualisation along with other interaction mediums such as natural language to design algorithms and systems that understand and adapt to their users for eventually facilitating explainable and accountable decision-making in situations where humans co-work with algorithms.

I have a special interest in working on problems where high-dimensional, spatio-temporal, heterogenous and large datasets are used in answering questions with data. The human-side of the solutions I aspire to build is of utmost importance and I always try and take a human-centric approach when thinking about problems and solutions. Thanks to this, I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from many researchers with various different backgrounds such as biomedicine, bioinformatics, geography, social science, cyber security to name a few.

Funded Projects

Jan. 2019 – June. 2019: Investigating Interactive Visualisation Techniques for AI Explainability, City, University of London, Pump-priming Fund, £5k, (Turkay, Co-I with R. Henkin)
Dec. 2017 – March. 2019: NlViS: Natural Language Interaction for Visual Data Analysis, EPSRC First Grant, £100k, (Turkay, PI)
April. 2018 – March. 2019: Agent based modelling and visualisation of the causes and consequences of knockon delays, RSSB,  £80k, (Turkay, Co-I)
Sept. 2016 – Aug. 2019: DiSIEM: Diversity-enhancements for Security Information and Event Management, EU H2020, € 4 million total (€ 910k for CITY) (Turkay, City PI with I. Gashi)
Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2018: Interactive Visualization of Large Email Data, Industrial Funding (Redsift Inc.), £86k, (Turkay, PI)
May 2014 – November 2015: FareViz, Technology Strategy Board (£120k for City, £472k total) (Turkay, Researcher Co-I)

Post-docs and PhD Students

I have the chance to work closely with some great research scientists at giCentre:

.. and supervise talented PhD students:

Academic Service

I have/am acting as a guest editor for ACM TiiS, IEEE CG&A, Editorial Board Member for Machine Learning and Knowledge Extraction journal, hold technical and organising committee roles at BioVis 2019, EuroVA 2019 and IEEE VAST 2019, and serve as PC member for IEEE InfoVis (2017, 18), VAST (2018) and EuroVis (2017, 18), EuroVA, EuroVAST to name a few. I am an active reviewer for IEEE TVCG, IEEE TBCC, CGI and several other journals and conferences, as well as several funding bodies.

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I am currently the Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Computer Science Department at City and also the Director for our new MSci degree in Data Science.

Since 2015 to date, I am leading the Principles of Data Science module within our MSc. in Data Science Programme. The module teaches the whole pipeline of data science from asking the right questions to building effective models while interrogating and sharing the results through interactive visualisations along the whole process. As of 2018, I am also teaching our Web Applications Development module first with Charles Perin and now with Aidan Slingsby. In addition to these modules, I taught Databases and co-taught Research Methods and Professional Issues modules at the Department of Computer Science at City, University of London. Back to Top


Some selected publications are listed below, you can refer to my Google Scholar page or to my institution page for a full/updated publication list. I also try and maintain a public repository of slides for a selected set of talks that I give on my Slideshare account.


Progressive Data Science: Potential and Challenges
Turkay, C., Pezzotti, N., Binnig, C., Strobelt, H., Hammer, B., Keim, D.A., Fekete, J.D., Palpanas, T., Wang, Y. and Rusu, F.
arXiv preprint arXiv:1812.08032., 2018


Supporting Story Synthesis: Bridging the Gap between Visual Analytics and Storytelling
Chen, S., Li, J., Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N., Wang, Y., Nguyen, P.H., Turkay, C.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2018 [pdf]
Understanding User Behaviour through Action Sequences: from the Usual to the Unusual
Nguyen, P.H., Turkay, C., Andrienko, G., Andrienko, N., Thonnard, O. and Zouaoui, J.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2018
Towards Natural Language Empowered Interactive Data Analysis
Turkay, C., Henkin, R.
EuroVis 2018, Posters Track, 2018
Hunting High and Low: Visualising Shifting Correlations in Financial Markets
Simon, P.M. and Turkay, C.
Computer Graphics Forum, 2018


The State of the Art in Integrating Machine Learning into Visual Analytics
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Designing Progressive and Interactive Analytics Processes for High-Dimensional Data Analysis
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Map LineUps: Effects of spatial structure on graphical inference
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Small Multiples with Gaps
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Supporting Theoretically-grounded Model Building in the Social Sciences through Interactive Visualisation
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Enhancing a Social Science Model-building Workflow with Interactive Visualisation
Turkay, C., Slingsby, A., Lahtinen, K., Butt, S. & Dykes, J.
The European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN 2016), April. 2016
Faceted Views of Varying Emphasis (FaVVEs): a framework for visualising multi-perspective small multiples
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Computer Graphics Forum, Jun. 2016
[pdf] [video]
Visualizing Multiple Variables Across Scale and Geography
Goodwin, S., Dykes, J., Slingsby, A. and Turkay, C.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Jan. 2016


Optimizing Processes in Visual Data Analysis through Progressive Computations
C. Turkay, Helwig Hauser.
1st UCL Workshop on the Theory of Big Data, Jan. 2015


Attribute Signatures: Dynamic Visual Summaries for Analyzing Multivariate Geographical Data [pdf] [video]
C. Turkay, Slingsby, A., Hauser, H., Wood, J. & Dykes, J. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Dec. 2014
On Computationally-enhanced Visual Analysis of Heterogeneous Data and its Application in Biomedical Informatics [pdf]
C. Turkay, F.Jeanquartier, A.Holzinger, H.Hauser, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8401, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014
Interactive Visual Analysis of Heterogeneous Cohort Study Data [pdf]
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Perceptually Uniform Motion Space [pdf]
A.Birkeland, C. Turkay & I.Viola, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, May 2014
Characterizing cancer subtypes using dual analysis in Caleydo StratomeX [pdf]
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Visualizing Time Series Predictability [pdf]
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Supporting Decision-making for Biometric System Deployment through Visual Analysis [pdf]
C. Turkay, Mason, S., Gashi, I. & Cukic, B. Workshop on Reliability and Security Data Analysis (RSDA), Nov. 2014
Interactive Generation of Visual Summaries for Multivariate Geographical Data Analysis
C. Turkay, Slingsby, A., Hauser, H., Wood, J. & Dykes, J. Workshop on GeoVisual Analytics: Interactivity, Dynamics, and Scale at GIScience 2014


Visual Cavity Analysis in Molecular Simulations [pdf]
by J. Parulek, C. Turkay, N. Reuter, I. Viola. BMC Bioinformatics, 2013.
Hypothesis Generation by Interactive Visual Exploration of Heterogeneous Medical Data [pdf]
C. Turkay, A. Lundervold, A.J.Lundervold, H. Hauser Springer LNCS (HCI-KDD within SouthCHI 2013), 2013


Representative factor generation for the interactive visual analysis of high-dimensional data [pdf]
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A perceptual-statistics shading model. [pdf]
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