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Books for Adults

Michelangelo and the Creation of the Sistine Chapel, 1992, London: Barrie and Jenkins
(Translated into French, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Portuguese.  Also published in the USA, Random House).

Frida Kahlo in Mexico,  1994, London and Petaluma, CA: Pomegranate Art Press.

Children's Books

Introducing Michelangelo 1992, London: Little Brown and Co
(Translated into Japanese, Greek, Dutch, Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese.)

The Story in a Picture: Children in Art. 1992, Nashville TE: Ideals Publishing.

The Story in a Picture: Animals in Art. 1992, Nashville TE: Ideals Publishing.

Artistís Book

The Storm Tree, The White Stork Press, 2006. Limited numbered edition.


Oliver and the Magic Hat. 1984 London: MacDonald.

Add a pinch of pepper. 1987, Southampton: GB Press.

The Magic Flute. 1990 London: Faber Music.

Cover art

The Big Book of Concepts, Gregory L. Murphy.  MIT Press 2002.

Conceptual Representation, Helen Moss and James Hampton (Eds) Psychology Press 2003

Set designs

The Magic Flute, 1993: Philharmonic Magic Carpet Concert Series, Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples Florida.


Richmond, R.  Close encounters with Michelangelo.  Modern Painters. Summer 1992, 72-74.

Richmond, R. Finding the Vortex (Henri Gaudier-Brzeska). Modern Painters. Autumn 1993, 80-2. 

Regular contributor to The Art Newspaper, also Art Review.



































Robin Richmond is a frequent contributor to Modern Painters, Art Review, The Art Newspaper and other journals.  She has also appeared regularly as a cultural critic on BBC Radios 3 and 4.














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