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The Look for category should normally be set to 'all words': if you are interested in Hinckley Athletic you don't want all references to Hinckley, and you certainly don't want all references to Athletic. You might want to use 'any words' if your team has had alternative names in the past, such as Forest Green and Stroud, but for more complicated searches choose Boolean and use the words AND, OR and NOT.

Output: usually the title of the document, with a link, is enough. After all, "F A Vase 1990-91" is fairly self-explanatory. But you can try for a text extract if you want.

About the engine

The search engine is htDig, written by Andrew Scherpbier, running on the City University web server. The format of the output therefore conforms to the University norm, rather than my own preferences. Use your Back button to return to this page after the search.

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