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Anti-Slavery International

Website: http://www.antislavery.org

Category: Human Rights

Year of Foundation: 1839 (British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society)

Location of Foundation: London, UK

Location of Headquarters: London, UK

Brief Description: Anti-Slavery International describes itself as 'the world's oldest international human rights organisation and works to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world' (source: www.antislavery.org; accessed 2 June 2010)

Founding Rationales (for British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society):

'The objects of this Society be, the universal extinction of slavery and the slave-trade, and the protection of the rights and interests of the enfranchised population in the British possessions, and of all persons captured as slaves.'

Initial methods included: circulation in Britain and abroad of information on slavery; facilitating communication between abolitionists in the USA, France, Great Britain and elsewhere; to promote purchase of products not produced with slave labour; and campaigning for international recognition and implementation of the right of slaves to be free.

Source: 'Constitution (agreed upon after various sittings of the Provisional Committee) of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, held at the Guildhall Coffee House early in 1839, and finally confirmed by a Public Meeting at Exeter Hall, 17th April 1839'

Evolution of Membership:

Anti-Slavery International Membership Chart

Sources: www.antislavery.org; EAIO; YIO