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British and Foreign School Society (BFSS)

Website: http://www.bfss.org.uk/

Category: Education

Year of Foundation: 1808 (as Society for promoting the Royal British or Lancasterian System for the Education of the Poor)

Location of Foundation: London, UK

Location of Headquarters: Caterham, Surrey, UK

Brief Description: The British and Foreign School Society describes itself as offering 'charitable aid to educational projects in the UK and around the world by funding schools, other charities and educational bodies. Inspired by the educational reforms of Quaker Joseph Lancaster, the Society supports organisations that reach out to children in remote or impoverished areas, improving inclusivity in education and providing much-needed facilities.' (Source: www.bfss.org.uk; accessed 14 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

According to the original 'Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Institution' the 'Institution for Promoting the Education of the Labouring and Manufacturing Classes of Society of Every Religious Persuasion ... shall maintain a School on an extensive scale to educate children. It shall educate and train up young persons of both sexes for supplying properly instructed teachers to the inhabitants of such places in the British dominions, at home and abroad, as shall be desirous of establishing Schools on the British System. It shall instruct all persons, whether natives or foreigners, who may be sent from time to time for the purpose of being qualified as teachers in this or any other country.'

Source: 'Report of the British and Foreign School Society. MDCCCXV' (London, 1815), pp. xi-xii.

Evolution of Membership:

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