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Bible Society

Website: http://www.biblesociety.org.uk/

Category: Religion

Year of Foundation: 1804 (as British and Foreign Bible Society)

Location of Foundation: London, UK

Location of Headquarters: Swindon, UK

Brief Description: Bible Society aims 'to make the Bible available and accessible, and to demonstrate its credibility.' (source: 'Report & Accounts 2008-09' at www.biblesociety.org.uk; accessed 14 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

According to the initial 'Laws and Regulations of the British and Foreign Bible Society' its 'sole object shall be, to encourage a wider circulation of the Holy Scripture ... This Society shall add its endeavours to those of other Societies, for circulating the Scriptures through the British Dominions, and shall also, according to its ability, extend its influence to other countries, whether Christian, Mahometan, or Pagan.'

Source: British and Foreign Bible Society, 'Reports of the British and Foreign Bible Society, with extracts of correspondence. ... Volume the First, for the Years 1805 to 1810, inclusive', p. 3.

Evolution of Membership:

Data unavailable