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International Abolitionist Federation (IAF)

Category: Women's

Year of Foundation: 1875 (as British, Continental and General Federation for the Abolition of Government Regulation of Prostitution)

Location of Foundation: London, UK

Location of Headquarters: Paris, France

Founding Rationales:

'At a small private conference held in London on March 3rd [1875] ... the idea had been suggested of forming a "British, Continental and General Federation", with a view to give practical form to the strong though hitherto, to a great extent, latent feeling of abhorrence of the system of state-regulated vice already existing in many of the best minds in France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany, and to arouse a powerful public opinion in support of an agitation similar to our own, which has now commenced in those countries.'

Source: 'The New Abolitionists: A Narrative of a Year's Work, Being an Account of the Mission undertaken to the Continent of Europe by Mrs Josephine E Butler, and of the Events Subsequent Thereupon.' (London: Dyer Brothers, 1876), p. 103.

Evolution of Membership (countries with members):

International Abolitionist Federation Membership Chart

Sources: HIO; YIO