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International Association for Labour Legislation (IALL)

Category: Labour

Year of Foundation: 1900

Year of Dissolution: 1925

Location of Foundation: Paris, France

Location of Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland

Brief Description: The International Association for Labour Legislation is widely perceived to be 'the immediate forerunner of the ILO.' (source: International Labour Office, 'International Labour Standards: A Workers' Education Manual. Fourth (revised) edition.' (Geneva: International Labour Office, 1998), p. 5.

Founding Rationales:

The International Association for Labour Legislation was created: '1. To serve as a link between those who, in the various industrialized countries, consider the legal protection of workers to be necessary; 2. To organize an International Labour Office with the objective of publishing in French, German and English, a periodical collection of the labour legislation in all countries. ... 3. To facilitate the study of labour legislation in the various countries and, in particular, to provide the members of the association with information on the legislation in force and their application in the various countries; 4. To facilitate, through the preparation of memoranda or otherwise, the study of the question of the concordance of the various legislation protecting workers, as well as international work statistics; 5. To bring about international congresses on labour legislation.'

Source: Article 2 of the Statutes of the International Association for Labour Legislation in André Lichtenberger, 'Congrès International pour la Protection Légale des Travailleurs tenu à Paris du 25 au 29 Juillet 1900. Compte Rendu Sommaire.' (Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1900), p. 33.

Evolution of Membership:

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