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International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)

Website: http://www.ica.coop

Category: Labour

Year of Foundation: 1895

Location of Foundation: London, UK

Location of Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

Brief Description: 'The International Co-operative Alliance is an independent, non-governmental organisation which unites, represents and serves co-operatives worldwide. It is the largest non-governmental organisations (sic) in the world.' (Source: www.ica.coop; accessed 24 November 2009)

Founding Rationales:

'The objects of the Alliance are defined to be: (a) To make known the co-operators of each country and their work to the co-operators of all other countries by Congresses, the publication of literature, and other available means. (b) To elucidate by international discussion and correspondence the nature of true co-operative principles. (c) To establish commercial relations between the co-operators of different countries for their mutual advantage.'

Source: 'Report of the First International Co-operative Congress held in the Hall of the Society of Arts on 19th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd August 1895' (London, 1896), p. 38.

Evolution of Membership:

International Co-operative Alliance Membership Chart

Sources: www.ica.coop; AVI; HIO; YIO; GIO; EAIO