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International Hospital Federation (IHF)

Website: http://www.ihf-fih.org/

Category: Health

Year of Foundation: 1929 (as International Hospital Association)

Location of Foundation: Atlantic City, NJ, USA

Location of Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

Brief Description: The International Hospital Federation describes itself as an international federation 'with a membership encompassing national hospital associations, government health ministries and other health institutions and individuals in over 100 countries; responsible for around 50,000 hospital facilities and the welfare of more than 3 billion people.' (Source: www.ihf-fih.org; accessed 19 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

In Captain J. E. Stone's 'The International Hospital Association. Proposed Constitution', the purposes were to be '1. To provide a central organization for hospitals of all countries. 2. To assist in the development of hospital progress and service on an international basis. 3. To create and foster international goodwill among hospitals. In pursuance of these objects the Association will endeavour: (a) To maintain the high ideals and traditions of hospital service. (b) To stimulate, guide, and promote the study of hospital work. (c) To develop and maintain a spirit of co-operation and inter-communication among hospitals. (d) To collect, collate, publish, and facilitate the exchange of information on hospital work. (e) To educate the community in matters pertaining to hospital services, and to assist in the creation of a spirit of co-operation between the community and the hospitals. (f) To provide facilities for intercourse among hospitals and for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge concerning hospital work. (g) To hold Conferences for the reading and discussion of papers. (h) To establish Branches or Regional Groups. (i) To assist in the formation, establishment, and maintenance of minimum standards of services in hospitals of all countries. (l) To watch over, promote, and protect the material interests of special subjects and reports of the proceedings of the Association. k. To ffatch (sic) over, promote, and protect the material interests of hospitals and to do all such other acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.'

Source: 'First International Hospital Congress, Atlantic City, June 13th-15th 1929' (New York: New York Academy of Medicine, 1929), p. 278.

Evolution of Membership (countries with members):

International Hospital Federation Membership Chart

Sources: YIO; www.ihf-fih.org (accessed 20 April 2010)