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International Socialist Bureau

Website: www.marxists.org/history/international/social-democracy

Category: Labour

Year of Foundation: 1900

Year of Dissolution: (1914)

Location of Foundation: Paris, France

Location of Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

Brief Description: The International Socialist Bureau co-ordinated the 'Second International', the successor to the International Working Men's Association ('First International'). It is also seen as a precursor to the present 'Socialist International.'

Founding Rationales:

At the fifth international socialist congress held in Paris in 1900, it was resolved: 'considering: that it is important for the international congresses, destined to become the parliament of the proletariat, to make resolutions that guide the proletariat in its fight for deliverance; [and] that these reolutions, the result of international agreement, must be translated into action ... a permanent international committee comprising one delegate per country shall be formed and provided with the necessary funds. It will prepare the agenda for the next congress and request national reports from the participants. The committee will select a salaried secretary general responsible for: A. procuring the necessary information; B. preparing an explanatory code of the resolutions adopted at previous conferences; C. distributing reports on the socialist movement in each country two months in advance of each congress; D. creating a general overview of reports on the questions discussed at the congresses; E. publishing from time to time brochures and manifestoes on questions of current and general interest, as well as on important reforms, and studies of important political and economic topics; F. taking the necessary measures to facilitate the international action and organization of the proletariat in all countries.' The committee was also charged with setting up 'a special interparliamentary commission' of socialist parliamentarians 'to facilitate common action on significant international political and economic issues' and creating international archives of socialism in Brussels.

Source: 'Cinquième Congrès Socialiste International tenu à Paris du 23 au 27 Septembre 1900. Compte Rendu Analytique Officiel.' (Paris: Société Nouvelle de Librairie et d'Édition, 1901), pp. 101-102.

Evolution of Membership (countries represented):

International Socialist Bureau Membership Chart

Source: AVI