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Internet Society (ISOC)

Website: http://www.isoc.org/

Category: Internet

Year of Foundation: 1992

Location of Headquarters: Reston, VA, USA

Brief Description: The Internet Society describes itself as 'an independent international nonprofit organisation founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy around the world.' (source: www.isoc.org; accessed 27 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

According to one of the documents announcing ISOC's creation in 1992, the organization was 'formed to foster the voluntary interconnection of computer networks into a global research and development communications and information infrastructure. The Internet Society will not operate the Internet. Internet operation will continue to be a collaborative activity which the Society will seek to facilitate. The Society will provide assistance and support to groups and organizations involved in the use, operation, and evolution of the Internet. It will provide support for forums in which technical and operational questions can be discussed and provide mechanisms through which interested parties can be informed and educated about the Internet, its function, use, operation, and the interests of its constituents.'

Source: Vint Cerf, Bob Kahn and Lyman Chapin, 'Announcing ISOC' (1992) - at www.isoc.org (accessed 27 April 2010).

Evolution of Membership (Individuals):

Internet Society Membership Chart

Source: ISOC Annual Reports and Board of Trustees Meetings Minutes at www.isoc.org (accessed 27 April 2010).