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Open Door International (for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker)

Category: Women's

Year of Foundation: 1929

Location of Foundation: Berlin, Germany

Year of Dissolution: ?1974

Founding Rationales:

In 1929 the British Open Door Council felt that 'it became daily clearer that the problems created by the work and influence of the International Labour Organisation was a menace to women all over the world, and that nothing but an international organisation would be in a position to combat its attack on the woman worker.' The initial methods to be adopted by the organization included education activities, creation of new national branches, recommendations for ILO conventions, lobbying the ILO, and maintenance of a headquarters that would co-ordinate the work and publish a journal.

Source: 'The Open Door International for the Economic Emancipation of the Woman Worker. Report of the Conference held in Berlin, June 15th and 16th, 1929' (London, 1929), pp. 6, 33.

Evolution of Membership (countries with members):

Open Door International Membership Chart

Sources: HIO; YIO