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Pan-Pacific and South-East Asia Women's Association (PPSEAWA)

Website: http://www.ppseawa.org/

Category: Women's

Year of Foundation: 1930 (as Pan-Pacific Women's Association)

Location of Foundation: Honolulu, Hawaii

Location of Headquarters:

Brief Description: PPSEAWA describes itself as 'the only international women's organization devoted to peace and understanding in the Pacific and South East Asia' (Source: www.ppseawa.org; accessed 8 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

At the Second Pan-Pacific Women's Conference in Honolulu in August 1930 'the consensus of opinion was in favor of continuation of the Conference, principally because of the international associations.' According to the organization's founding constitution: 'The objects of the Association should be: (a) To strengthen the bonds of peace among Pacific people by promoting a better understanding and friendship among the women of all Pacific countries. (b) To initiate and promote cooperation among the women of the Pacific region for the study and betterment of existing social conditions.'

Source: 'Women of the Pacific. Being a Record of the Proceedings of the Second Pan-Pacific Women's Conference which was held in Honolulu from the 9th to the 22nd of August, 1930 under the auspices of the Pan-Pacific Union' (Honolulu: Pan-Pacific Union, 1930), pp. 393, 395.

Evolution of Membership (Countries with Members):

Pan Pacific and South-East Asia Women's Association Membership Chart

Source: YIO