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International Union of Architects (UIA)

Website: http://www.uia-architectes.org/

Category: Professional

Year of Foundation: 1948

Location of Foundation: Lausanne, Switzerland

Location of Headquarters: Paris, France

Brief Description: The International Union of Architects describes itself as 'an incomparable professional network of architects that reaches all continents.' (source: www.uia-architectes.org; accessed 19 April 2010)

Founding Rationales:

The International Union of Architects was created in Lausanne in 1948 to unite the Permanent International Committee of Architects which aimed 'to improve the professional relations of architects, to defend their intellectual and social rights, to facilitate the progress of architecture from the artistic and technical point of view, to contribute to the conservation of historic monuments' and the International Meetings of Architects which aimed 'to provoke and reinforce the intellectual, artistic and professional ties between architects and modern artists of different countries, schools, backgrounds and perspectives.'

Source: Société Suisse des Ingénieurs et des Architectes S.I.A. & Fédération des Architectes Suisses F.A.S., 'Premier Congrès de l'Union Internationale des Architectes, Lausanne, 28 Juin - 1er Juillet 1948 sous le haut patronage du Conseil Fédéral de la Confédération Suisse. Rapport Final.' (Lausanne: Librairie de l'Université, 1948), pp. 13-14.

Evolution of Membership:

International Union of Architects Membership Chart

Source: YIO; EAIO; www.uia-architectes.org (accessed 20 April 2010)