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World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY)

Website: http://www.wfdy.org/

Category: Youth

Year of Foundation: 1945

Location of Foundation: London, UK

Location of Headquarters: Budapest, Hungary

Brief Description: The World Federation of Democratic Youth describes itself as 'a youth international, anti-imperialist, left-wing organisation, gathering organisations from all around the world connected to each country’s fights, and being a space of co-operation, solidarity and trade of information for the progressive youth forces.' (Source: www.wfdy.org; accessed 20 April 2010)

Founding Rationales:

The proposed aims of the World Federation of Democratic Youth included: '(a) To strive for close international understanding and co-operation amongst the youth in the fields of economic, political, educational, cultural, and social activity, with respect for diversity of ideas and national conditions ... (b) To work for the active participation of youth in economic, political, social and cultural life ... and to assist the foundation of democratic youth organizations where these do not exist. (c) To work for good conditions of education, labour and leisure, and for the development, of cultural, educational, and sports activities amongst all youth. (d) To do all in its power ... to bring about the free and voluntary co-operation and assembly of youth organisations on a national level. (e) To do all in its power to educate the younger generation in the ideas and responsibilities of world citizenship. (f) To represent the interests of youth in international affairs ...'

Source: 'Proposed Constitution of the World Federation of Democratic Youth', Box 1, World Federation of Democratic Youth Collection, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Note: The organization was widely considered to be a Soviet front organization during the Cold War.

Evolution of Membership:

World Federation of Democratic Youth Membership Chart

Source: YIO