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World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA)

Website: http://www.wfuna.org/

Category: Peace

Year of Foundation: 1946

Location of Foundation: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Location of Headquarters: New York, USA

Brief Description: The World Federation of United Nations Associations describes itself as 'a peoples’ movement for the United Nations.' (Source: www.wfuna.org; accessed 19 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

The initial objectives of the WFUNA were: '1. To be a people's movement for the United Nations. 2. To coordinate the activities of the Association whose objects are to work for the realization and development of the purposes of the United Nations. 3. To encourage feelings of solidarity and international cooperation between men, women and children throughout the world. 4. To contribute to the solution of problems concerning peace and international organization, BY GIVING EXPRESSION TO THE WISHES OF THE PEOPLE.' Its initial methods included: 'Ensuring a regular flow of information and publications between each association and coordinating the activities of national associations. Making the necessary arrangements for the coordination of student federations. Organizing summer schools, and in particular, arranging for a summer school in Geneva in the summer of 1947. Arranging a great congress of peoples from each United Nations Association in the summer of 1948. Extending to the governments and peoples of all countries an invitation to support the formation of a peoples' association in support of the high ideals of the United Nations. Studying the methods of publicizing the idea of international citizenship. Make and maintain closest possible contact with the United Nations, UNESCO, FAO and similar agencies to give full publicity to their work and make recommendations toward it. Enter into negotiations with other national and international organizations whose aims are in conformity with the principles of the United Nations so that the work of the World Federation and the National Associations should be on the broadest basis possible.'

Source: 'World Federation of United Nations Associations: History, Structure, Aims' (New York: Marstin Press, 1946), pp. 8-11.

Evolution of Membership (countries with members):

World Federation of United Nations Associations Membership Chart

Sources: YIO; EAIO