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Women's International Democratic Federation (WIDF)

Website: http://www.fdim-widf.com.br/

Category: Women's

Year of Foundation: 1945

Location of Foundation: Paris, France

Location of Headquarters: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brief Description: The Women's International Democratic Federation describes itself as 'women in struggle to transform the world and reach the economic, social, politic and gender justice, materialize the indispensable fight of the woman for the work' (sic) (Source: www.fdim-widf.com.br; accessed 21 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

At the organization's first international congress of women held in Paris on 26 November 1945, the creation of the Women's International Democratic Federation was argued to be 'indispensible for the coordination of the activity of millions of women who, during the last war, got together to oppose with all their might fascism, the cause of misery and war, to defend the liberty of their peoples, the future of of their children and the security of their homes.'

Source: Fédération Démocratique Internationale des Femmes, 'Congrès International des Femmes. Compte Rendu des Travaux du Congrès qui s'est tenu à Paris du 26 Novembre au 1er Décembre 1945. Première Édition.' (Paris: Fédération Démocratique Internationale des Femmes, 1946), p. 381.

Note: During the Cold War the Women's International Democratic Federation was commonly perceived to be a Soviet front organization.

Evolution of Membership (countries with members):

Women's International Democratic Federation Membership Chart

Sources: YIO; EAIO