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World Medical Association (WMA)

Website: http://www.wma.net/

Category: Health

Year of Foundation: 1947

Location of Foundation: Paris, France

Location of Headquarters: Ferney-Voltaire, France

Brief Description: The World Medical Association aims: 'to serve humanity by endeavoring to achieve the highest international standards in Medical Education, Medical Science, Medical Art and Medical Ethics, and Health Care for all people in the world.' (Source: www.wma.net; accessed 19 May 2010).

Founding Rationales:

At the First Meeting of the General Assembly of the World Medical Association in Paris in September 1947, the following objectives were agreed: '(i) To promote closer ties among the national medical organizations and among the doctors of the world by personal contact and all other means available. (ii) To maintain the honour and protect the interests of the medical profession. (iii) To study and report on the professional problems which confront the medical profession in the different countries. (iv) To organize an exchange of information on matters of interest to the medical profession. (v) To establish relations with, and to present the views of the medical profession to, the World Health Organization, Unesco, and other appropriate bodies. (vi) To assist all peoples of the world to attain the highest possible level of health. (vii) To promote world peace.'

Source: 'Supplement to the British Medical Journal, London Saturday December 27 1947', p. 2240.

Evolution of Membership (national associations):

World Medical Association Membership Chart

Sources: YIO; EAIO; www.wma.net (accessed 19 May 2010).