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World Muslim Congress (WMC)

Website: http://www.motamaralalamalislami.org/

Category: Religion

Year of Foundation: 1926

Location of Foundation: Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Location of Headquarters: Karachi, Pakistan

Brief Description: The World Muslim Congress describes itself as an organization which has 'contributed immensely to the arousing of a feeling of fraternal solidarity in the Muslim Ummah and the promotion of institutions for mutual cooperation in diverse fields, including political, economic, religious, educational, and cultural interests ... [and which] has championed Muslim causes such as Palestine, Kashmir, the Filipino Muslims' struggle, freedom for Muslim people from European colonian rule, and the economic emancipation of the Muslim Ummah.' (source: www.motamaralalamalislami.org; accessed 6 April 2010).

Founding Rationales:

In the constitution for the 'General Moslem Congress' adopted in Jerusalem in 1931 the objectives of the organization were described as: '(a) to develop cooperation amongst Moslems irrespective of country or sent and to propagate Moslem culture and morals and to promote amongst Moslems a spirit of brotherhood; (b) to safeguard Moslem interests and to preserve Moslem holy places from any interference; (c) to combat any Missionary activities or campaigns amongst Moslems; (d) to establish universities and educational institutions which will endeavour to create conformity in Moslem culture and to teach Arabic language to Moslem children, provided that the first step to be taken in this respect shall be the establishment of a university at Jerusalem to be called the "University of the Masjed al Aqsa"; (e) to discuss any other Islamic matters which are of concern to the Moslems in general.'

Source: 'The Organic Law of the General Moslem Congress as passed at the 14th Meeting held on Tuesday, the 15th December, 1931' in Anita L. P. Burdett (ed.), 'Islamic Movements in the Arab World, 1913-1966', vol. 2 (Slough: Archive Editions, 1998), p. 486.

Evolution of Membership (countries containing members):

World Muslim Congress Membership Chart

Source: YIO.