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World's Student Christian Federation (WSCF)

Website: http://www.wscfglobal.org/

Category: Religion

Year of Foundation: 1895

Location of Foundation: Vadstena, Sweden

Location of Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

Brief Description: The World's Student Christian Federation describes itself as 'the foremost leader in ecumenical formation for Christian students and youth in more than one hundred national movements across the globe' (source: www.wscfglobal.org; accessed 2 February 2010).

Founding Rationales:

The organizations represented at the founding conference in Vadstena, Sweden, in 1895 'had come to an affirmative decision on the following question: If it be profitable for the Christian students of any one University or college to associate for the sake of influencing other students for Christ, and sending them into the world to extend His kingdom; if it be highly desirable to band together the various Christian organizations of any one country in order to make them more helpful to each other in all their activities, and to enable them to make a deeper impression upon the national life; would it not be most advantageous to unite in a great federation the national intercollegiate movements of the whole world?' The initial aims of the WSCF were '1. To unite students' Christian movements or organizations throughout the world. 2. To collect information regarding the religious condition of the students of all lands. 3. To promote the following lines of activity: (a) To lead students to become disciples of Jesus Christ as only Saviour and as God. (b) To deepen the spiritual life of students. (c) To enlist students in the work of extending the kingdom of Christ throughout the whole world.'

Source: John R. Mott, 'The World's Student Christian Federation: Origin, Objects and Significance of the Federation. The Convention at Northfield and Williamstown. Some Achievements of the First Two Years' (1898 publication in Box 213.02.1, World Council of Churches Archives, Geneva), p. 7; 'Minutes of the Meetings Held in Connection with the Formation of the World's Student Christian Federation, Vadstena, Sweden, August 17-19, 1895' in box 213.01.1, World Council of Churches Archives.

Evolution of Membership:

World's Student Christian Federation Membership Chart

Sources: HIO; www.wscfglobal.org (accessed 2 February 2010).