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World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WWCTU)

Website: http://www.wwctu.org/

Category: Women's

Year of Foundation: 1883

Location of Foundation: Detroit, USA

Location of Headquarters: Karm√ły, Norway

Brief Description: The WWCTU describes itself as 'a non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit organization' that 'promotes a drug-free lifestyle and Christian values for the home and the community' (Source: www.wwctu.org; accessed 24 November 2009)

Founding Rationales:

'In the love of God and humanity, we, representing the Christian women of the world, band ourselves together with the solemn conviction that our united faith and works will, with God's blessing, prove healthful in creating a strong public sentiment in favor of personal purity of life, including total abstinence from the use of all narcotic poisons, the protection of the home by outlawing of the traffic in alcoholic liquors, opium, tobacco and impurity, the suppression by law of gambling and Sunday desecration, the enfranchisement of women of all nations, and the establishment of courts of national and international arbitration which shall banish war from the world.'

Source: Preamble to the Constitution adopted at Faneuil Hall, Boston, USA, 11 November 1891.

Evolution of Membership:

World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union Membership Chart

Sources: WWCTU; League of Nations Archives R.3604; AVI; YIA