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Appendix B:   Environment variables

The file <OKAPI_DIR>/dot-files/cshrc , listed below, indicates the environment settings required.

NOTE: There are no conflicts here between those used in different parts of the system. Therefore it is possible to append this file to your .cshrc file so that they are all set each time you log on.

    ##   First unset all the environment variables just in case.

    unsetenv TMPDIR
    unsetenv OKAPI_ROOT
    unsetenv OKAPI_LIBDIR
    unsetenv OKAPI_BINDIR
    unsetenv GUI_CONFIG_FILES
    unsetenv OKAPI_LOGS_DIR
    unsetenv INDEXER_LOGS
    unsetenv BSS_TEMPPATH
    unsetenv BSS_PARMPATH

    ##   TMPDIR: Possibly still used by parts of the system.
    setenv   TMPDIR   /tmp

    ##   OKAPI_ROOT: The full pathname of the package installation directory
    setenv   OKAPI_ROOT   /homes/mg/okapi/okapi-pack

    ##   OKAPI_LIBDIR: The pathname of the BSS library, libi0+.a
    setenv   OKAPI_LIBDIR   $OKAPI_ROOT/lib

    ##   OKAPI_BINDIR: Okapi binaries. You might like to add this to your search PATH
    setenv   OKAPI_BINDIR   $OKAPI_ROOT/bin

    ##   BSS_TEMPPATH: Directory for temporary files produced by all parts of the system.
    setenv   BSS_TEMPPATH   /tmp

    ##   BSS_PARMPATH: The full pathname of the database parameter files.
    setenv   BSS_PARMPATH   $OKAPI_ROOT/databases

    ##   GUI_CONFIG_FILES: The full pathname of the location of the GUI configuration files.

    ##   INDEXER_LOGS: The full pathname of the indexer log files.
    setenv   INDEXER_LOGS   $OKAPI_ROOT/IndexerLogs

    ##   OKAPI_LOGS_DIR: The full pathname of the interface log files.
    setenv   OKAPI_LOGS_DIR   $OKAPI_ROOT/OkapiLogs

    ##   Debugging flags for the GUI indexing and interface programs. These refer to C functions
    ##   and should be set to 1 for debugging to be on. Many others are set in the configuration files.

    setenv   MAIN_DEBUG   0
    setenv   MAKE_RS_SETS_DEBUG   0
    setenv   SET_ENV_DEBUG   0
    setenv   READ_ENV_DEBUG   0

    ##   OS limit needed by the interface GUI.
    limit   stacksize   unlimited

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Last modified:   12th November 2001