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Appendix H: "indexer" Configuration Files.


    ##   Okapi Indexing Application: Configuration Script
    ##   <OKAPI_ROOT>/.indexing_rc
    ##   Debugging flags
    ##   0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE

    ##   C++ function debugging flags

    set   env(MAKE_INDEX_DEBUG) 0
    set   env(SET_DB_TYPE_DEBUG) 0

    ##   Set up working "installation_root" directory

    set installation_root $env(OKAPI_ROOT)

    ##   Global variables for log file

    set   logfile $env(OKAPI_ROOT)/IndexLogs/history
    set   lgf ""

    ##   log_type determines info written to history file.
    ##   set this to "full_history" if you want tcl packing details too

    set   logging_level "process_history"

    ##   Set up database environment variables

    set env(BSS_TEMPPATH) "/tmp"
    ##   BSS_PARMPATH is also set in .cshrc
    ##   It probably doesn't need to be set here too

    set   env(BSS_PARMPATH) "$installation_root/databases"

    ##   Setup Tcl scripts directory

    set   OKAPI_TCL_SCRIPTS_DIR "/project/okapi/OkapiNet/indexing/tcl"
    set   auto_path [ linsert $auto_path 0 $OKAPI_TCL_SCRIPTS_DIR ]

    ##   puts "OKAPI_TCL_SCRIPTS_DIR (auto_path) = $auto_path"

    ##   -- global variables
    ##   pathnames and basic database info:

    set   installation_root_label "1. Application Root Directory\n"
    set   bss_parmpath_label "2. BSS Parameter Files Directory (BSS_PARMPATH)\n"
    set   bib_dir_label "3. Converted Database and Indexes Directory\n"
    set   exchange_format_path_label "4. Exchange Format File Directory\n"
    set   exchange_format_name_label "5. The Exchange Format Filename"
    set   db_name_label "6. OKAPI Database Name"
    set   db_type_label "7. Database Type"
    set   display_name_label "8. Database Description"
    set   nf_label "9. Number of Fields Per Record"
    set   ni_label "10. Number of Indexes"

    ##   Global tcl variables for the database parameters

    set   installation_root $env(OKAPI_ROOT)
    set   exchange_format_path "$env(OKAPI_ROOT)/datafiles"
    set   exchange_format_filename "cacm.exch"
    set   bss_parmpath $env(BSS_PARMPATH)
    set   bib_dir "$env(OKAPI_ROOT)/bibfiles"
    set   db_name "cacm.sample"
    set   lastbibvol 0
    set   bib_basename "$db_name.bib"
    set   bibsize "2047"
    set   real_bibsize "2047"
    set   display_name "CACM 1978"
    set   explanation "CACM Sample AI database: approx. 2500 records"
    set   nr 1000
    set   nf 15
    set   ni 6
    set   rec_mult 4
    set   fixed 0
    set   db_type "text"
    set   has_lims 0
    set   maxreclen 1024

    set   gsl_codes {[FGHIS]}
    set   valid_gsl 0

    set   last_ixvol(0) 0
    set   ix_stem(0) "$bib_dir/$db_name"
    set   ix_volsize(0) 2047
    set   ix_type(0) 8

    set   index_name(0) ""
    set   field_list(0) ""
    set   kw_type(0) ""
    set   gsl_file(0) ""
    set   stem_fcn(0) ""

    set   max_fields 32
    set   nfields_per_screen 9
    set   max_indexes 32
    set   array_index 1
    set   menu_x 0
    set   menu_y 0

    set   show_message_menu "off"
    set   altered "N"

    set   field_abbrev(0) ""
    set   field_type(0) ""

    set   field_start(0) 1
    set   field_end(0) 8
    set   field_screen_no 0
    set   no_full_field_screens 1
    set   remaining_fields 0

    set   index_start(0) 1
    set   index_end(0) 8
    set   index_screen_no 0
    set   no_full_index_screens 1
    set   remaining_indexes 0

    set   fs_count 0

    set   data_entry ""
    set   terms ""
    set   text ""

    ##   Different screen headers

    set   full_title "Okapi Indexing Application"

    set   intro_label "\nIntroduction\n"
    set   paths_label "\nSet Full Directory Pathnames\n"
    set   dbase_label "\nSet Database File Names and Number of Fields/Indexes\n"
    set   field_label "\nSet Field Abbreviations and Types\n"
    set   index_label "\nSet Index Parameters\n"
    set   convert_label "\nConvert Database\n"
    set   create_index_label "\nCreate Index(es)\n"
    set   finish_label "\nIndexing Process Completed\n"

    set   intro_button "Introduction"
    set   db_params1_button "Set Pathnames"
    set   db_params2_button "Database Details"
    set   field_entry_button "Field Details"
    set   index_entry_button "Index Details"
    set   convert_db_button "Convert DB"
    set   create_indexes_button "Create Index(es)"
    set   finish_button "Finish"
    set   exit_button "Exit Application"

    set   Label1 "\n\nDatabase Information\n\n"
    set   Label2 "Enter full pathnames for directories.\n"
    set   Label3 ""
    set   Label4 "then press return"

    set   Label5 "To add terms to the query type:"

    set   Top_header_1 "$Label1 $Label2"
    set   TermEntryLabel_2 "$Label5 $Label2 $Label3 $Label4"

    ##   Starting the application:


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Last modified:   12th November 2001