Who downloads LandSerf?

Since the release of LandSerf 1.7 in December 1999, downloads of LandSerf have been monitored and have increased steadily to the current rate of about 1000 per month. The simple form you have to fill out before receiving a copy of the software allows us to see where in the world people are using the software, and what applications they intend using it for.

New releases of the software seem to increase numbers of downloads, most likely from existing users downloading a newer version. We also see a slowdown in downloads every Christmas when people have better things to do with their time than a bit of surface analysis.

Downloads over time

By supplying your email address and analysing the IP address of all downloads, it is possible to estimate the country of origin of most users of LandSerf. About 70% of downloaders provide valid addresses from which origin can be estimated.

Global download distribution

Country of origin can be mapped by relating country of origin to global coordinates using a geographic name server. The maps below were produced using LandSerf by setting a large point symbol size with text labels reflecting the number of downloads for each country. The colour scheme uses transparency which decreases, and saturation which increases, with larger download numbers. The country outlines were produced by rasterizing data imported from the Global Hierarchical Shoreline database in LandSerf.

Global download distribution Global distribution of LandSerf downloads

Europe download distribution European region distribution of LandSerf downloads