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LandSerf 1.8.0 - Changes Since version 1.7.0

Since the last public release of LandSerf in May, 2000, a number of changes have been made to the software. Some of the main changes are identified below...

Detailed list of program changes

30th April, 2001 LandSerf 1.8.0 released for Windows, MacOS X and Unix

1.8.0	25th April, 2002.
      Added 'ignore values at' option to Hammock plot to make it consistent with histogram function.

1.8.0 15th April, 2002
      Added BIL import to allow US NED elevation models (and other binary raster data exported from ArcGIS)
      to be imported.

1.8.0 11th April, 2002
	Corrected bug where range of maximum values in multi-sclae analysis was failing to report negative
	values. Corrected similar bug in Triangle's Route3d's MER calculation. Improved reliability of NTF
	reader for importing OS Profile and Panorama DEMs.

1.8.0 10th April, 2002
      Improved efficiency of polynomial calculation and allowed surface and drape values to be combined
      in single expression.

13th July, 2001 LandSerf 1.8.0 Release Candidate 2 released

1.8.0   13th July, 2001
	Added minimum and maximum options to multi-scale parameterisation.

19th May, 2000 LandSerf 1.8.0 Release Candidate 1 released

1.8.0	29th April, 2001
	Added image import from Hub to the 3d viewer. Added a 'hub' command line option to allow a 
	hub configuration file to be loaded at startup.

1.8.0	24th April, 2001
	Removed bug in vector to raster conversion that appeared in 1.8beta. Improved accuracy of the 
	conversion by removing rounding error. Added new command line options including display of
	relief, rasters and vectors and the setting of a base directory for file loading. 3d viewer 
	now updates movement menu when animating a route. 3d scaling now works for rasters with non-square
	cells. Modified vertical scaling in routes to be dependent on current vertical exageration 
	(keeps route above surface regardless of vertical exageration). Grouped sea, sky and fog colour
	editors together.

1.8.0 	11th March, 2001
	Improved efficiency and maximum size of texture draping. Added further error trapping for
	command line arguments. Modified slider labels to be more compact. Added 'ignore elevation at'
	to histogram (for islands and lakes). Removed rounding error in TIN trianulation (only occurred
	with coordinate systems using large numbers and DEMs with large flat areas).

1.8.0	3rd March, 2001
	Modified 3d GUI to be more compact including new compact Label and slider bar. Modified 
	histogram to use new compact slider.

1.8.0	24th February, 2001
	3d visualiser now reports OpenGL rendering information (to allow accelerating
	graphics cards to be identified). Added default 'demo' route to 3d visualiser. Added animation
	speed control to allow screen-grab movies to be synchronised. 

1.8.0	21st February, 2001
	Modified 3d visualiser. Can show sky and allow sea and sky colours to be changed.

1.8.0	18th February, 2001
	Added Virtual Terrain Project BT file import.

1.8.0	11th February, 2001
	Corrected rounding bug in Terragen output. Now changes aspect ratio if necessary in order
	to force output at 257x257 pixels.

1.8.0	17th August, 2000
	Corrected bug in MSN building when intersecting channels and ridges are found. Improved
	error handling of MSN import. Improved morphometric channel and ridge traversal when
	pits and peaks are found. Forced subsetting of drape if surface is subset.

1.8.0	14th August, 2000
	Added command line options to LandSerf - allows LandSerf to be started with two rasters
	and vector pre-loaded. Added reverse coordinates method to the VectorObject class.

1.8.0	27th June, 2000
	Corrected bug in line intersection routine for special cases when one segment is
	vertical, the other is horizontal. Added further MER heuristic to line intersection
	detection. Added a 'split line' method to the VectorObject class.

1.8.0	26th June, 2000
	Metric surface networks can now be opened and saved in ASCII format.
	Description of graph can be displayed in its own window. Added topological
	intergrity check to graph.

1.8.0	24th June, 2000
	Modified colour chooser to allow mouse drags to select colour.

1.8.0	7th June, 2000
	Added structure to store metric surface networks.

1.8.0   6th June, 2000
	Improved feature network following. Now based on vector locations rather
	than (quantized) raster locations. Improved route following in flat areas.

1.8.0	17th May, 2000
	Added DEM to contour transformation.
1.8.0	4th May, 2000
	Added methods to VectorMap to allow objects to be removed. Added line intersection testing to Vector
	objects. Added pass topology enforcement to surface network calculation.

1.8.0	2nd May, 2000
	Improved polynomial parser - now accepts unary minus operator and simple trig operations (cos,sin,tan).

1.8.0	25th April, 2000
	Set polynomial creation to be centred on raster rather than based on top-left origin.

1.8.0	16th April, 2000
	Reorganised code for creation of new surfaces and added a polynomial option. Made polynomial and 
	fractal	surface generators threaded processes.

1.8.0	14th April, 2000
	Improved the logic and consistency of the various interactive queries. Raster query can now be dragged
	over surface. Added a network query allowing ridge and channel paths to be displayed interactively.

5th May, 2000 LandSerf 1.7.0 public release

1.7.0	8th May, 2000
	Increased the level of metadata attached to objects saved to a VFC hub. Now includes date/time of
	hub submission and more explanatory description.

1.7.0	12th December, 1999
	Added (a Java) interface to GUIFrame and SurfGL to standardise GISFrame functionality. Added XML route
	import/export from/to hub. Removed word 'status' from status bar messages. Added image export to hub.
	Added vector boundary editing to the VectEditBox. Stopped 3d viewer from being closed on Windows 95/98.

1.7.0	11th December, 1999	
	Tidied up user interface of many windows to avoid duplicate or redundant titles. Improved flexibility of
	binary import to include an arbitrary number of bytes per word.

1.7.0	5th December, 1999
	Improved flexibility of point import including a point to raster import. Now reads in space, tab
	and comma separated text.

1.7.0	7th November, 1999
	Updated LandSerf to use latest version of the hub with improved HubConfig GUI.

1.7.0	21st October, 1999
	Added HTML help to GUIFrame. Uses default behaviour on PC platforms, or
	displays a message indicating location of help files for others platforms.
	Corrected bug in DEM to TIN conversion where Maximum error sometimes takes
	precedence over RMSE.

1.7.0	24th September, 1999
	Increased flexibility of XML parser so that it reads VFC treVelleR tour files. Packaged
	distribution using InstallShield.

1.7.0	19th September, 1999
	Improved consistency of dialogue boxes when resized. Added JPEG output to export options.
	Improved efficiency and reliability of route playback in 3d viewer. Updated hub classes
	to 1.2.3.

1.7.0	7th September, 1999
	Improved flexibility of raster import to allow missing values/non-numeric characters
	to be processed. Added status bar feedback when converting graphics into gif images.

1.7.0	6th September, 1999
	Added GIF output to export options. Included image quantizer and gif converter in the
	utils package.

1.7.0	3rd September, 1999
	Set default extension to import and export of ArcGrid files to .ras. Added image import
	from hub. Set default type for imported images to OTHER.

1.7.0	31st August, 1999
	Improved reliability of texture mapping in 3d viewer. Allowed multiple textures on systems
	that support mipmapping.

28th July, 1999 LandSerf 1.7.0 beta public release

1.7.0	27th July, 1999
	Tidied up javadoc comments. Added looping option to 3d route playback.
	Updated 3d viewer to use Magician 2.1.2. Added focus to OK button on dialogues
	and monologues and added a key listener to them so Return may be pressed instead
	of mouse click.

1.7.0	24th July, 1999
	Improved lighting model in 3d viewer by ensuring all normal vectors are normalised.

1.7.0	22nd July, 1999
	Used mipmapping for textures in 3d viewer. Added optional smoothing of textures and
	reorganised texture menu in 3d viewer. Added status bar to 3d viewer.

1.7.0	21st July, 1999
	Improved display of printing and print preview. Added greater flexibility to JWPanel.
	Updated 3d viewer to use Magician 2.1. Used OpenGL 1.1 texture handling in 3d viewer.

16th July, 1999 LandSerf 1.6.5 released for internal testing
1.6.5	16th July, 1999
	Updated 3d viewer files to use latest hub xml format (1.2.3). Updated dialogueListeners
	to work with multiple listeners.

1.6.5	5th July, 1999
	Improved route replay functionality. Allowed routes to be erased and replayed. Improved
	error handling if DTD cannot be found (replaces given DTD with LandSerf's own).

1.6.5	27th June, 1999
	Tidied up file import and export menus. Added Terragen (landscape visualisation software)
	import and export.

1.6.5	23rd June, 1999
	Allowed 3d route to be saved or loaded as an XML file. Corrected spelling mistakes in some
	error reports. Allowed 8 bit binary files to be imported/exported.

1.6.5	4th June, 1999
	Improved navigation in 3d viewer so user can pan by dragging the mouse left and right. Reports
	current position and bearing. Passes Raster object to 3d viewer rather than array.

1.6.5	26th May, 1999
	Improved 3d viewer so camera doesn't move when altering viewing parameters, initial camera 
	position can be reset. Removed key listener for shift events replacing it with modifiers to 
	the mouse drag event instead. Allows the camera to be moved with the right button.

19th May, 1999 LandSerf 1.6.4 released for internal testing

1.6.4	18th May, 1999
	Fixed bug that stops very coarse rasters (10x10 or less) from being displayed on some machines
	if the window is too large. Added VRML output of raster as height field.

1.6.4 	17th May, 1999
	Improved raster interpolation by using bi-cubic interpolation to preserve second order 
	continuity (smooth change in slope between cells). Restored TIN interpolation back to linear
	case as this tends to produce more predictable results.

1.6.4	16th May, 1999
	Improved colour table lookup for values that fall outside range of colour table. Values are now
	clipped to defined range. Added dynamic category width change to frequency histogram. Improved
	layout of and scaling of frequency histogram.

1.6.4	15th May, 1999
	Added interactive display of profiles across raster. Improved efficiency of kernel size display
	during raster query. Added dynamic update of multi-scale query with mouse drag. Improved layout
	of graphs.

1.6.4	13th May, 1999
	Added helper methods to the Delaunay Triangulation classes for detecting connected edges and
	nodes. Removed bug where quadratic interpolation missed x2y weighting in normal equations.

1.6.4   12th May, 1999.
	Added raster patching so that rasters with different spatial bounds may be combined. Improved
	error checking in the raster edit box. Corrected minor bug in EDX import which underestimated
	number of rows and columns in DEM by 1. Removed bug in DEM to TIN conversion where RMSE 
	tolerance is assumed to be 1 if not selected.

1.6.4	4th May, 1999.
	Added spatial subsetting facility to rasters. Created a graphical rubberband selection
	for subsetting. Improved the efficiency of all dialogue boxes.

1.6.4	23rd April, 1999
	Added multi-scale shaded relief to surface parameter options. Add shine, diffuse and
	specular constant storage to RastSurface. Reorganised configuration options (window
	size, shaded relief, hub etc.) within GUIFrame's menu system. Tidied up graphical
	arrangement of many of the configuration/analysis dialogues.

1.6.4	21st April, 1999
	Fixed bug so that raster type can be changed from the raster edit box. Added 
	quadratic interpolation to allow existing rasters to be sampled at a
	different resolution.

1.6.4   20th April, 1999
	Modified interactive query to utilise full precision of mouse location.
12th April, 1999 LandSerf 1.6.3 released for internal testing

1.6.3   12th April, 1999
	Updated with latest hub client software. Allows read/write access to hub submitted
	files to be changed in the configuration window.

11th March, 1999 LandSerf 1.6.2 released for internal testing

1.6.2	24th January, 1999
	Restructured LandSerf packages into landserf.gui, landserf.gui3d, landserf.process,
	landserf.structure. Updated file conversion routines for older serialized classes.
	Tidied up some of the javadoc comments. Split the Threads class into separate public
	'process' classes.

24th January, 1999 LandSerf 1.6.1 released for internal testing
1.6.1	24th January, 1999
	Added vector hub connectivity to LandSerf. Can read and write Arc generate files
	to/from hub.	
1.6.1	17th January, 1999
	Added incremental triangulation of DEMs, RMSE and maximum error criteria for
	their generation, and optional error surface generation.

1.6.1	12th January, 1999
	Added Arc vector (generate) import/export options and generic vector export.
	Fixed bug that scales vectors incorrectly if all west or southern boundaries
	are negative.

1.6.1	10th January, 1999 
	Triangulation improved for regular distribution of points and fixed bug in
	triangle coordinate transformation. Improved efficiency of DEM to TIN 
	transformation. Added TIN display option to 3d viewer.

1.6.1	3rd January, 1999
	Added Delaunay triangulation of vector point files, TIN to DEM conversion
	and DEM to TIN conversion. 

1.6.1	3rd January, 1999
	Improved versioning handling with reading/writing of serialized files.

1.6.1	2nd January
	Removed bug where reducing the number of rows or columns in a raster can
	result in array out of bounds exception. Fixed bug in 3d viewer where rasters
	are mis-aligned by half a cell with respect to vectors.

1.6.1	1st January, 1999
	Allowed removal of raster and vector maps.

1.6.1	31st December, 1998
	Added 'topology' package for storing linked vector edges (networks, TINs etc.)

1.6.1	30th December, 1998
	Partly removed bug that stops shaded relief maps being drawn if surface
	and drape are different sizes.

1.6.1	30th December, 1998
	Added fractal surface creation to 'New raster' dialogue.

1.6.1	28th December, 1998
	Added raster hub connectivity to LandSerf. Can read and write ArcGrid files
	to/from hub.
1.6.1 	17th December, 1998
	Fixed bug that prevented LandSerf from reading ArcGrid files with non-integer
1.6.1	17th December, 1998
	Hub connectivity added to the Virtual Field Course version of LandSerf
	(extra menu item added to GUIFrame; hub configuration dialogue added).
2nd December, 1998 LandSerf 1.6 public release

1.6.0	2nd December, 1998
	Fixed bug in pass selection and occasional rounding error when traversing
	a feature network. Force LandSerf to update a vector display if a new vector
	feature network is calculated.

1.6.0	26th November, 1998
	Forced LandSerf to update display when changing between surface and drape.
	This ensures that interactive query of raster is always up to date. Take 
	default values from either surface or drape when creating new raster.

1.6.0	26th November, 1998
	Extended distance decay exponent range from 0 to 4 to -8 to 8.

1.6.0	24th November, 1998
	Modified vector import so that areas and points with no attributes may
	be read.

1.6.0	24th November, 1998
	Added test for existence of icon file before setting frame's icon. Necessary
	to stop some platforms (e.g. Linux) from throwing an exception if the icon
	does not exist.	

1.6.0	26th October, 1998
	Improved ArcGrid import facility to be more flexible in interpreting file.

24th October, 1998 LandSerf 1.6 beta Released

1.5.1	24th October, 1998
	Added random sampling to point file export. Set movement style default to
	no banking.

1.5.1	15th October, 1998
	Added x,y,z output of raster data. Added systematic sampling facility for 
	export of rasters.
1.5.1	10th October, 1998
	Restructured file dialogues so previous directory is remembered when calling a
	dialogue more than once. Set image import to display JPEGs and GIFs.

1.5.1	8th October, 1998
	Modified SurfGL so that it works with NT machines and closes down cleanly.

1.5.1	12th September, 1998
	Added x,y,z point file reading to vector input.

1.5.1 	8th September, 1998
	Added raster transformation options (scaling, translation, rounding and
	flooding). Also added ArcGrid import/export and improved flexibility of 
	ASCII raster import by treating new lines as white spaces.

1.5.1 	28th August, 1998
	Added z coordinate array to vector objects. Allows flow or 3d features to
	be defined with continuously varying attributes. Incorporated 3d vector into
	surface visualisation with improved rendering options. Fixed close-down bug
	when animation not running.	

1.5.1 	6th July, 1998
	Added GRASS vector export facility. Includes a new 'Export box' for specifying
	separate geometry and attribute files.
1.5.1 	7th June, 1998
	Added the ability to show vectors in 3D viewer. Changed animation so that 
	it uses	the GLComponent thread (stops error/crash when window is closed 
	while still moving).

1.5.1 	4th June, 1998
	Added fog colour selection to 3D viewer (new colour selector added to the
	jwo.utils package). Stopped repacking of control bar when new field of view
	is selected. Added mouse sensitivity and banking controls.	
1.5.1	31st May, 1998
	LU Decomposition moved to jwo.utils package (now called JWLUDecomp).

1.5.1	31st May, 1998
	Modified SurfGL to use Magician beta4 API (which should be compatible
	with the 1.0 release. Now displays 3D view only after scene has been 
	initialised (initialization is now a threaded process).

1.5.1  	29th April, 1998
	Changed GraphicsArea and RastSurf so that screen image is 
	resampled if too large to store in memory.

1.5.1  	29th April, 1998
	Added minimum enclosing rectangle method to VectorObject class.				

1.5.1  	27th April, 1998
	Add vector-raster conversion.

1.5.1  	27th April, 1998
	Added double precision coordinate entry for raster.setAttribute().

1.5.1  	27th April, 1998
	Added transformation entries to the main menu.
1.5.1  	27th April, 1998
	Modified RastEditBox to allow the raster type to be edited.

1.5.1  	22nd April, 1998
	Modified RastEditBox to allow the number of rows/columns in a 
	raster to be changed.

1.5.1  	22nd April, 1998
	Modified Raster to stop reporting 'out of bounds' warning if a
	query is made outside the raster region.

1.5.1   22nd April, 1998
	Added option of combining surface and drape in a single layer.

1.5.1   22nd April, 1998
        Modified GUIFrame to create new rasters of arbitrary dimensions.				

23rd March, 1998, LandSerf 1.5.0 Released

6th September, 1997 LandSerf 1.4.0 Released