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Research interests

My research interests include: language-based security; information flow; semantics and logic of computation; program
analysis; abstract interpretation; type systems; programming languages.

Selected publications

[HS08] Sebastian Hunt and David Sands. Just forget it: The semantics and enforcement of information erasure. In Proc. 17th European Symposium on Programming (ESOP'08), Budapest, Hungary, March 2008. Springer-Verlag (LNCS). To appear.
[ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]
[CHM07] David Clark, Sebastian Hunt, and Pasquale Malacaria. A static analysis for quantifying information flow in a simple imperative language. Journal of Computer Security, 15(3):321-371, 2007.
[ bib | .pdf | Abstract ]
[HS06] Sebastian Hunt and David Sands. On flow-sensitive security types. In Proc. Principles of Programming Languages, 33rd Annual ACM SIGPLAN - SIGACT Symposium (POPL'06), pages 79-90, Charleston, South Carolina, USA, January 2006. ACM Press.
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[CHM05b] David Clark, Sebastian Hunt, and Pasquale Malacaria. Quantitative information flow, relations and polymorphic types. Journal of Logic and Computation, Special Issue on Lambda-calculus, type theory and natural language, 18(2):181-199, 2005.
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[CHM02] David Clark, Sebastian Hunt, and Pasquale Malacaria. Quantitative analysis of the leakage of confidential data. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 59(3):1-14, November 2002. QAPL'01, Quantitative Aspects of Programming Laguages (Satellite Event for PLI 2001).
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2005-2009. EPSRC.
Principal Investigator Quantitative Information Flow (start date 1 October 2005, duration 42 months).
Joint Project with David Clark (Kings College) and Pasquale Malacaria (Queen Mary).
Total value: £272,734 (£96,357 at City).

1999-2000. EPSRC.
Sabbatical partially supported by EPSRC project "Abstract Interpretation of Safety Critical Systems" (PI Chris Hankin).

1993-1995. Nuffield Foundation.
Grant for newly appointed lecturers.
Value: 3,000 pounds.

1993. EPSRC.
Travel grant for a six week research visit to Chalmers, Gothenburg, Sweden. Collaboration with John Hughes and Colin Runciman.
Value: 700 pounds.


Member of organising committee for First International Workshop on
Programming Language Interference and Dependence
, Verona, Italy,
25 August 2004. Affiliated with LOPSTR, PEPM, PPDP, SAS.