Cinematica is dead, long live Psychophysica!

Psychophysica was a suite of three Mathematica notebooks for psychophysical experiments (see Watson & Solomon, 1997).

  • Cinematica, one of the three notebooks, remains compatible only with Macintosh OS 9. It is available upon request from Joshua Solomon (email below). The other two notebooks should be compatible on all platforms running Mathematica v 10 or 11.

  • Psychometrica should be the most useful of the three notebooks. It contains functions for fitting and plotting psychometric data, as well as definitions of Weibull, Logistic, Normal, and Uniform psychometric functions.

  • Quest contains code based on Watson & Pelli's (1983) adaptive staircase. Quest+ (Watson, 2017) is a more elegant and versatile staircase, but this original code may still prove valuable for simulating old experiments.


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