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Image of book Investments: Spot and Derivative Markets

Investments : Spot and Derivatives Markets

A key aim of the book is to take basic concepts from finance and economics and to demonstrate how these can be used to understand real world practical issues facing individual investors, firms, government and regulators. The book covers three broad themes:

  • Behavioural in financial markets, including the pricing of risky assets and alternative investment strategies.
  • Decisions in corporate finance such as raising capital (including an analysis of callable bonds, convertibles, warrants and stock options), the valuation of firms and investment projects, creating shareholder value, capital structure, dividend policy, mergers and acquisitions and hedging business and financial risk.
  • Public policy issues including the impact of monetary policy, the choice of exchange rate policy, 'excess volatility' in financial markets, internet day-trading, hedge funds and the role of derivatives and finally, policy issues in international finance, including EMU.

The book is aimed at final year undergraduates in finance, business studies/management and core courses for MBA and MSc finance students and those undertaking professional qualifications in the finance sector. No prior knowledge of math or stats is assumed beyond that in a first-year undergraduate 'quants for business studies' course and two separate revision chapters on these topics are included.

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