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I  research the psychology of concepts and categorization.  The way in which people understand the world by classifying objects, people, events or situations into different conceptual types or categories is a fundamental topic for cognitive science.  Concepts are the basic building blocks of thoughts and ideas, and play a major part in determining the meaning of substantive words in any language.

Current research projects

I am currently involved in a number of projects that involve different aspects of how people represent and use conceptual information.

Conceptual combination, including creating novel products, and overextension of conjunctions
Contrast and assimilation effects in a dual categorization task
Vagueness of semantic terms
Stability of semantic judgments
Genericity in semantic memory
Meta-memory and consistency of memory judgments
Individual differences in concept representation and their stability
Concept modification and the effect on prototypical properties

European Research Council funded projects

From September, 2016, I have been working on a five-year research project on the Metacognition of Concepts, funded by a European Research Council Consolidator grant awarded to Professor Nick Shea of the Institute of Philosophy, University of London. We have been joined by Sapphira Thorne, Jake Quilty-Dunn, and Joulia Smortchkova as Postdoctoral Fellows.

From November 2017, I have begun working on a second five-year ERC funded research project based in the Linguistics Department at the University of Utrecht, and titled "Forests and Trees: the Formal Semantics of Collective Categorization". The PI is Professor Yoad Winter, and we have been joined by Dr Eva Poortman as Postdoctoral Fellow.

MEDIA: A radio interview with Wendy Jones for Resonance FM (London) in March 2014.

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