Oliver Kerr

Reader in the Department of Mathematics at City University.

Email: o.s.kerr@city.ac.uk

Phone: (020) 7040 8465

Teaching material

For material concerning third year projects go to my Projects Page.

Research Interests

I am interested in many areas of fluid mechanics. In particular Double Diffusive Convection (what happens when you heat salty water), Laminar Flames (what happens when you have nice simple flames, with emphasis on the simple), Periodic Vortices (some new solutions of the steady Navier-Stokes equation, with HUGE graphics files).

Einstein talk

The presentation used in the "E=mc2 made simple" talk is available here. It is not intended to be self contained. This is in a big PDF file (about 10MB) that uses animations, some of which only work on Acrobat Reader 7 or later (possibly also 6) in Windows. It was created in LaTeX using PPower4, pdfanim and movie15.sty.

Senate Working Group on Sabbaticals

Material relating to the Senate Working Group (which I chaired) can be found here.

Erdös Number 4

I have an Erdös number of 4 via the following publications:
  1. Paul Erdös & George Szekeres (1935) A combinatorial problem in geometry, Compositio Mathematica 2, 463-470. (Plus 4 other joint publications)
  2. Lawrence Mysak & George Szekeres (1966) Behaviour of Schwarzschild singularity in superimposed gravitational fields, Canadian Journal of Physics 44, 617.
  3. Judy Holyer & Lawrence Mysak (1985) Trench wave generation by incident baroclinic rossby waves, Journal of Physical Oceanography 15, 593-603.
  4. Oliver Kerr & Judy Holyer (1986) The effect of rotation on double-diffusive interleaving, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 162, 23-33.

Other Activities

I am also a father to 2 children.